Kylie Jenner shows off tiny waist in white crop top as her shrinking frame drowns in baggy jeans for new pics

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KYLIE Jenner has enjoyed the summer sun in a 90s-style outfit in a new slew of snaps on social media.

Kylie kept things casual, doing away with her typical skin-tight looks in her newest photo dump shared on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner shared a few snaps of her looking cozy in what appeared to be her backyardCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Kylie wore her baggy jeans and a white cropped T-shirtCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
The 25-year-old entrepreneur posed in a carefree manner in what appeared to be her backyard, donning a relaxed outfit that revealed minimal skin.

Kylie’s baggy high-waist jeans swallowed her slimmed bottom half, and her loose-fitting short-sleeve white cropped T-shirt only showed a small section of her toned belly.

The mom of two wore a peachy natural makeup look, letting her God-given features shine through.

For two of the snaps on her carousel post, she faced forward, only looking at the camera straight on for one of the pics.

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Kylie made sure to include a snap of her with her backside to the camera, attempting to prove that her plump butt wasn’t totally non-existent in the roomy pants.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder’s waist was so narrow that there was a broad space between her waistline and the back of her jeans.

She captioned the social media slide show: “A happy Monday.”

Fans embraced Kylie’s laidback aesthetic in her comment section.

Another added: “Jeans and t-shirt Kylie is my fav.”

Someone else confessed that how Kylie presented in the pics is how they liked to see her.

A fan cosigning that commenter added: “Thats how we all like her.”

Fans were more receptive to Kylie’s ensemble in this set of photos than the ones she shared shortly before these ones.

Critics took to the internet to voice their thoughts on Kylie’s extreme taste as she was recently in Paris for fashion week after her recent Instagram Stories.

In the Stories, she wore a long white jean skirt with two side slits exposing her thighs.

The Kardashians star paired the skirt with white tennis shoes, a tiny crop top, and a chunky bomber.

Fans reposted her mirror selfies to an online fan forum to discuss the trash look.

One critic scathed: “It’s a no for me.”

A second slammed: “This skirt looks like a ripped up towel.”

Then a third added: “This outfit is dumb.”

A fourth stated: “This is a disaster.”

A fifth scolded: “Looks like she got some material scraps and just tied them together.”

Kylie was criticized over her fashion earlier this week while in Paris.

She came under fire for wearing pink glittery Givenchy boots with a neon blue dress.

Kylie showed off her Shark Lock boots while having lunch at Dinand by Ferdi’s restaurant during Paris Fashion Week.

Critics online claimed her expensive footwear didn’t match her outfit.

One posted: “Not going to lie, I love the statement boots, but wearing a knock off of Kim’s dress and completely covering them up is a waste. Plus, the vibes don’t match.”

“I hate this style of boots so much,” another added.

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A third wrote: “Hideous.”

“So tacky! They completely ruin her outfit,” a fourth user shared.

Kylie’s snaps were received well by fans compared to past photos

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