Kylie Jenner posts then deletes ANOTHER NSFW pH๏τo before sharing a Sєxy pic in wet, see-through pink dress

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KYLIE Jenner has posted and deleted ANOTHER NSFW pH๏τo.

She then subbed in a new Sєxy image while in the same wet, see-through pink dress.

Kylie Jenner stunned in a watercolor-hued snap from her 'wet dress' pH๏τoshoot on Wednesday
Kylie Jenner stunned in a watercolor-hued snap from her ‘wet dress’ pH๏τoshoot Credit: Instagram
But first, she posted and then deleted this NSFW pH๏τo after doing so just last week
But first, she posted and then deleted this NSFW pH๏τo after doing so just last week Credit: Instagram

The mom-of-two with rapper Travis Scott announced the arrival of her new products.

Kylie has unveiled quite the new look to promote her summer makeup items, but one image must not be testing well with the demo.

“Our new summertime essentials are available now on!” she wrote to her cosmetics Instagram page.

“Shop our #GlossDrip and #Glow Balm for juicy lips and luminous skin!”

A wash of fans gushed over the new snap that saw the star lying in a pool of water with her long hair flowing and pink “wet dress” fully submerged.

“Dress is STUNNING,” one commented as another wrote, “This woman is a goddess.”

But the rollout has included a rollback – she deleted the same especially raunchy image again.

Nearly immediately after posting a picture in the plunging ɴuᴅᴇ dress with a drip-effect print – lipgloss in hand – she deleted it once more.


This is her second effort at making the especially wild pH๏τo stick with her 356M followers.

Last week, she posed with the ɴuᴅᴇ lipgloss placed against her cleavage in the steamy pH๏τo – and deleted it hours later.

Fans felt she had gone “too far” with the sensual snap due to its “graphic” and “Sєxual” nature.

One reason the image may be especially not safe for work could be the swath of mysterious clear liquid pouring down the center of her pink gown.

But an outpouring of other pH๏τos and videos from the infamous shoot still stand, including an artsy video in the wet dress and a gold turtleneck.

Holding a new Kylie Cosmetics product in different poses, she wore a тιԍнт gold turtleneck number and indeed, the dress.

However, fans spotted something odd – in one clip, while wearing the gold outfit, her hand appeared to be stark white.

But in the second clip, featuring the dripping dress, her hand’s color appeared to be her natural tan tone throughout.

Kylie’s ‘wet dress’ endeavor also included a video in another outfit where fans noticed her hand was ‘chicken-skin pale’ Credit: Instagram

While the entire video was quite something, fans were freaked by the sight of Kylie’s long, white hand.

“Her hand,” one Redditor wrote with a skull emoji.

“Her hand looks like a chicken foot omfg.” wrote another.

“A super pale chicken foot compared to the rest of her. How do they not notice its white and she’s orange?” wondered a however harsh third.


Criticism aside, the beauty mogul has been praised for her honest post about life following the birth of her second child.

Sharing a snippet of a recent workout, Kylie wrote on her Instagram Stories: “Four months postpartum.

“I have been dealing with tons of back and knee pain this time so it slows down my workouts.

“But I am on a mission to get strong again.”

Kylie was recently praised for showing off her “stretch marks and extra weight” on her postpartum body.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was lauded for “normalizing normal bodies” when she shared a pH๏τo of her stomach with her baby son’s feet resting on it.

Kylie posted the snap of just the bottom of her baby’s feet on her tummy, taking the pH๏τo from above.

Her fans flocked to a Kardashian Reddit thread to praise her for sharing the reality of postpartum bodies.

One wrote: “As a mommy, I love the rawness of this picture. The stretched skin, the postpartum tummy, the little extra weight. I just love it.”

Another added: “I love that she posted this. Normalizing normal bodies.”


But is has been a strange week for Kylie content, as she also posted a video making and eating a large sub sandwich fans also chewed up.

She tagged Travis in that story and then proceeded to show her creation, which included pepperoni, mayonnaise, pickles, cheese, onions, and more.

In a later story, she showcased herself eating the crunchy sandwich, with a Coke, and said, “This is so beautiful.”

The reality TV star then filmed herself eating as Travis and her eldest daughter, Stormi, played in the background.

Kardashian fans noticed how gross her concoction was, and ran to Reddit to tear it apart.

“Why so many different brands of buns? Why so many packages? Is she feeding a crew?” asked one.

Other fans simply said the combination of ingredients – including swirls of mayonnaise – just looked “so gross.”

Kylie’s newborn son has yet to have his new name announced, on another note – nor have fans seen his face though Travis did recently eat H๏τ noodles above his head.

All in the past month, Travis also posted, then deleted an unedited pH๏τo of her cooking in the kitchen amid Kylie’s own post-and-deletes.

Kylie Jenner's 'wet dress' pH๏τoshoot has overtaken her Instagram grid, but she's deleted the same especially 'gross' pH๏τo twice
Kylie Jenner’s ‘wet dress’ pH๏τoshoot has overtaken her Instagram grid, but she’s deleted the same especially ‘gross’ pH๏τo twice Credit: Instagram/ @kyliecosmetics

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