Kendall and Kylie Jenner Shared a Glimpse of Their Make-up Collection!

By admin Sep7,2023

In February, Kendall Jenner made an announcement that she will be finally working with her sister, Kylie Jenner on a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration. As Kim, Khloe and Kourtney already own their own makeup collection, which makes Kendall the last of the siblings.

If you’re thinking it’s because of favouritism, you might be wrong. We think it’s because Kendall Jenner was previously working with Estée Lauder, and had a contract where she wasn’t allowed to work with other makeup brands.

However, last week, they gave us a glimpse of the latest collection, and it was amazeballs!

The makeup line includes a couple of brand-new products, which includes a shimmery gold eye gloss, which Kylie mentioned was one of Kendall’s special request. Additionally, there will also be three face sticks to be used as a contour, bronzer and blusher. They will be called “Runaway”, “Act Natural”, and “Spotlight”.

Looking at their makeup for the campaign, we have a tingling feeling that this makeup line is going to be based on a 90s supermodel aesthetic. We’re talking soft, matte brown eyeshadows, smudged our eyeliner, and pouty, brown-toned lipsticks

If you’re looking to emphasise your eyes like Kendall, you will definitely need to get yourself the eyeshadow palette. This palette has all the expected neutral browns and taupe shades. Also, there is a shimmery neon lemon shade along with a pretty purple.

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