Kim Kardashian Looks Stunning in Silk Pajamas During Her Milan Trip, While Her Daughter North West, Finds It Hilarious

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Kim made looking ready for bed fashionable as she stepped out in sᴀssy pjs alongside her eldest daughter North, who wore a tee with a pic of her mom on it!

Kim Kardashian can wear just about anything at any time of day and make it a fashion statement. Such was the case when she stepped out in Milan on Tuesday (September 28) looking like a queen in silk silver pajamas. The makeup mogul also gave a peek at a cream bustier underneath as she exited the H๏τel alongside her adorable eldest child, daughter North West, 9, who was all giggles while wearing a tee with a pH๏τo of her mom on it!

North was rocking the chic piece from Kim’s collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana called Ciao. The fledgling fashionista adding a pair of D&G black leather boots to her little ensemble. Looks like North is getting tips from the source who knows best: her mom!

Meanwhile, Kim is already a queen to to her 330 million Instagram followers, so its no stretch to have her playing royalty in a parody of HBO’s House of the Dragon. And that’s what happened during Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden when the host introduced a sketch of the Game of Thrones prequel called The Targashians, a play on House of the Dragon’s Targaryen family and Kim’s family’s eponymous reality show.

Kim Kardashian pulls off stylish satin pajamas as she steps out with her daughter North in Milan | Daily Mail Online

James and Kim are then seen in confessionals bickering over who should be seated at the Iron Throne. “Kim has made it very obvious that she wants to be queen, but let’s be clear, the Iron Throne is all mine,” explains James, as Kim goes through her credentials of why she should be the ultimate ruler of the land. “I run the Armored Shapewear line, the Greyscale Cosmetics company, dungeon reform,” Kim lists. “What else am I forgetting? Oh, body ʙuттer.”

Stylish: The Kardashians star kept her look casual yet fashionable as she finished working on a set in Milan

It wouldn’t be much of a parody of the Kardashians’ own show if other family members weren’t involved. Therefore, Kris Jenner makes a hilarious cameo as the “momager of dragons,” explaining how she’s proud of her children making a name for themselves in the fantasy world. And then comes the big surprise: Kyle Jenner swinging an axe! Watch her hilarious appearance,

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