The Unforgettable Encounter: Kim Kardashian’s Bed makes Unexpected TV Debut

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He turned his life into a ‘reality show’ and built an emporium on the springs of his bed thanks to a multimillion-dollar legion of followers

It all started in a bed. Few people can summarize their life like this, unless we accept as the hospital bed where the mother who gave birth to us screamed. But Kimberly Noel Kardashian is today kim kardashian thanks to those scrambled sheets in which he did what he did. They say that his is the Sєx video of celebrities most watched of all time. The modest setting was obviously a bed.

«Празднуешь развод?»: Ким Кардашьян в розовом приняла дерзкую позу в постели

The American businesswoman is today one of the most influential figures in the world, who turned her life -and that of her entire family- into a reality and the bed, on a set. She already has merit that she rose to fame -with sheets through- in 2007, long before the irruption of social networks of which she is the queen today. because while our influencers homelands make a living showing us how happy they are – and how beautiful they are – stretched out on their mattress, The Kardashian has no problem showing herself simply sleeping in front of her 361 million followers on Instagram.

“Guys, I’m really tired” a dejected Kim laments in a post that they have to wake up at two in the afternoon. What’s truly a mystery is how she manages to keep her makeup intact amidst so much cushioning. Better than the Truman show is the Kardashian show, without a doubt, because she alone put the lights on the bed long before anyone else instagrammer from today. Because? Well, because she wanted to be famous. So clear.

Ким устроила провокационную фотосессию в кровати

Says the one who was his media strategist and publicist, Sheeraz Hasan, in the documentary The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty. In it, he acknowledged that when Kim put himself in his hands, he did not want to be just an actress or a model. “I want to be the most famous person in the world,” she confessed to him. The rest is history, and a good one, because the end is that of an emporium that was built on the springs of a bed.

The story begins with a young woman who was not separated from Paris Hilton. There was a time when Kim Kardashian was the personal ᴀssistant to the most famous great-granddaughter of H๏τelier Conrad Hilton (by the way, Paris also rose to fame thanks to a risqué video). If we look back, wherever Paris went, Kim went, wherever Paris was, Kim was. Of course, when the fans pounced on Paris to take a picture with her, the one who was displaced was Kim.

But according to Hasan, Kim was willing to do whatever it took to achieve stardom. Without social networks, in 2007 what you had to do was open the doors of your house -and your entire life- to television. From there it is born The Kardashians, a reality show that was accumulating seasons based on showing the miseries -and luxuries- of the entire controversial family. The cameras, of course, went into the bedroom. Supposedly, the most intimate, most private place. The most morbid.

Ким провела первый день в статусе свободной женщины

The memorable thing about the Kardashian clan is how they have taken advantage of a bed to recount the great moments of the family saga. Without going any further, the first pregnancy of one of the Kardashian sisters served to prop up one of the chapters with the highest audience. Not surprisingly, the delivery was recorded and broadcast… from the same hospital bed.

And on the bed, surrounded by her mother and sisters, Kim shed tears over her failed marriage to the rapper. Kanye West. Yes, the divorce was told to the world between the sheets. Perhaps there was no other option considering that in 2016 the couple had starred in the well-known world cover of Harper’s Bazaar. We were promised to go “in bed with Kim and Kanye”, who posed lying around in fancy clothes for karl lagerfeld while taking pH๏τos with the mobile. For anyone wondering, the sheets were a pristine white.

Кардашьян показала роскошные бедра

–In bed, Kim has not only told us about her life, but she has also sold us her brand. Specifically, the lingerie and Skims shapewear. She herself models her clothes, while she stretches out on a gigantic bed that she shows us on her Instagram and that -oh, surprise- was also controversial. The Kardashian, who at this point in history is already clear that the important thing to stay on the crest of the wave is to make people talk, managed to get her to talk about her from her bed until The Sun.


After the wave of criticism for the ostentation of a marble construction, the tabloid estimated the cost of the bed at 220 million dollars. Oh really, who manages to make even his bed become news?

To be fair, it must be said that in Spain such a milestone is within reach of our influencers more famous: Maria Pombo. We also know his bed because it is part of the scenery of his life on Instagram. But the surprise was finding out in one of those house tours that they take now that she bought herself… a H๏τel bed!

“This bed is literally the best bed we’ve ever had,” Maria told her followers from her bedroom. She recounted that she and her husband went on vacation with a H๏τel chain and slept “like on clouds.” Nothing else occurred to them but to ask at the H๏τel other than where the bed was from. «It turns out that they sell it on their website, so we bought the same bed we slept in in that H๏τel.”

And this is how a bed ends up becoming the set for the filming of our lives.

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