Angelina Jolie’s Unexpected Transformation: A Surprising Departure from Hollywood Norms

By admin Sep12,2023

According to Angelina Jolie, her choice of films would provide plenty of material for a therapist to analyze. This is because during her honeymoon with Brad Pitt, they acted as two characters in a dysfunctional marriage.

Angelina Jolie shared that she believes a therapist would have a lot to say about the types of movies she selects to star in. She joked that her honeymoon with Brad Pitt consisted of them portraying characters in a dysfunctional marriage, which may raise some eyebrows from a professional’s perspective.

As per the Hollywood Reporter, the actress expressed her excitement about directing Pitt in their upcoming movie ‘By the Sea’ and mentioned that this would be their first project together after 10 years since they first met on the set of ‘Mr. Mrs. Smith.’ She added that it felt like the right time to collaborate again.

In the movie, Angelina Jolie takes on the role of the wife while Brad Pitt portrays the husband. This film marks Jolie’s third time directing and writing a movie. The plot revolves around the couple’s attempt to revive their fading marriage as they embark on a journey to Europe.

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