Spoiling Zahara: Angelina Jolie’s Delightful Treats for Her Adopted Daughter

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Angelina Jolie is a well-known celebrity in the Hollywood entertainment scene, and she is also recognized for being a mother to six children, three of whom are adopted. Among her adopted children, Zahara Jolie-Pitt was the first one. Angelina adopted Zahara when she was only six months old, and she showered her with love and attention as if she was her own child, just like Brad Pitt’s former spouse.

Angelina Jolie took in Zahara from a young age and raised her as her own child. Zahara was initially living in a children’s home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Angelina welcomed her into her home. People had many questions about Angelina’s decision to adopt Zahara and some thought she saw something special in her. Zahara’s life has been unique compared to Angelina’s other adopted children.

Angelina Jolie has shown nothing but genuine love towards her adopted daughter, Zahara. According to Jolie, Zahara had once revealed that her biological mother died from an illness. However, in 2017, the British Daily Mail released an exclusive interview with Zahara’s biological mother who claimed that she was not sick and had given up her child to a charity home because the baby was born unexpectedly. Despite this revelation, Zahara’s biological mother expressed that Jolie has been more of a mother figure to her daughter than herself. She went on to share that although Jolie has been with Zahara since she was young, it does not mean that she doesn’t miss her child.

Zahara’s biological mother acknowledges that Angelina Jolie is a superior mother to her daughter. Meanwhile, the actress herself confesses that she has learnt numerous things from her adopted child. According to Brad Pitt’s former partner, Zahara is not just her daughter but also part of her family. The way Angelina Jolie cares for Zahara has garnered praise from her fans, especially when she took her daughter along to a movie set instead of leaving her behind.

Angelina Jolie and her daughter have frequently strolled down the street hand in hand, as captured by Hollywood Life’s photographs.

The love that the actress, known for her role in The Secret of the Ancient Tomb, has for her adopted child is evident in every small moment they share, as seen in a photo on Hollywood Life. Zahara, who was raised with utmost care by Angelina Jolie, grew up lacking nothing. In fact, she often accompanies her mother on walks around the neighborhood and graces the red carpet at major events. Despite not being conventionally pretty, Zahara always impresses with her impeccable sense of style, wearing luxurious and well-kept outfits. Moreover, the Dark Fairy’s adopted daughter exudes confidence whenever she faces the media.

Angelina Jolie was frequently seen with her adopted daughter in various occasions as documented by Us Weekly.

Angelina Jolie likes to ensure that her adopted daughter is always dressed in lavish clothing.

Angelina Jolie took Zahara to various big entertainment occasions, and the little girl confidently mingled with the guests without any sign of shyness. (Image source: Pinterest)

Angelina Jolie treats her adopted son Zahara with the same love and affection as her biological daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, without making any distinction between them. Zahara and Jolie’s children share a close bond with each other. Recently, while attending an event, Zahara caught everyone’s attention when she tightly held her sister Shiloh’s hand.

Zahara and Shiloh share a great bond with each other, as per the reports from Us Weekly.

Zahara made a stunning appearance wearing a striking black dress, accompanied by her mother and siblings, as captured in a photo by Us Weekly. In 2017, the alleged biological mother of Zahara reached out to Angelina Jolie amidst the news of her divorce with Brad Pitt. She expressed her desire to establish regular communication with her child without any intention of regaining custody. The biological mother stated that she simply wanted to inform Angelina Jolie of her existence and maintain contact with her daughter through phone conversations.

Even though Zahara is adopted, Angelina Jolie treats her with genuine love. Zahara’s looks may not be praised often, but she always makes a statement with her fashion sense and confidence whenever she is seen. In the past, Zahara’s biological mother had expressed her wish to spend more time with her. (Image: Bollywood Trendy)

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