Anne Hathaway’s natural, barely-there makeover is our favourite look today

By admin Sep15,2023

There’s no denying our love for Anne Hathaway, period. From her iconic movie roles (Andy Sachs, we’re looking @ you) to Fashion Week FROW ‘fits, the actor has our hearts. And that admiration doesn’t fall short in the beauty department either – bonjour natural makeup trend.

In Anne’s most recent Instagram post, she announced a new collaborative partnership with the beauty brand, Shiseido. “I’m so excited to be a @shiseido brand ambassador and am honoured to have been chosen to represent the line #VitalPerfection!!,” she wrote.

Continuing the statement, Anne put: “Shiseido and I are aligned in our belief that your skin is one of the most important investments you can make in your life and that we should never stop exploring our own potential—at any age. Thank you to Shiseido for inviting me to join your wonderful family!! 💜✨ #PotentialHasNoAge.”

And to that, we must agree. Say it with me: Potential has no age!

Now, as thrilled as we are to see one of our favourite faces front one of our favourite brands, it was the promotional image shots shared that had us gawking. Enter: said barely-there makeup glam.

Anne, her peeping freckles, that nude satin lip and those perfectly preened lashes that look almost CGI imposed really are ‘vital perfection’.

Don’t mind me as I go and attempt to perfect this no-makeup makeup look. Followed by a masterclass in the tomato girl how-to and espresso makeup, ofc. So. Many. Trends.

By admin

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