Hollywood’s Wealthiest and Most Alluring Female Mogul: Her Portfolio Boasts Lavish Real Estate, Including a Century-Old Wood-Adorned Villa

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As a Hollywood millionaire who won a prestigious Oscar, Anne Hathaway is currently enjoying a successful life after her 40th birthday.

Recently, Anne Hathaway just celebrated her 40th birthday. She is continuing to flourish in her acting career after receiving great reviews for her role in Ocean. The spin-off topped the US Box Office chart with $41 million in its first weekend, beating out stalwarts like Solo: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool 2, Hereditary – as well as Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve , and Thirteen.

According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, the actress has an estimated net worth of around $80 million thanks to her acting fees and endorsement deals.

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She also owns many valuable real estate, located in many places. Among them, apartments known to the media include the following names.

Shelter in the suburbs of California

The California home of Anne Hathaway and jewelry designer Adam Shulman has a fascinating story behind it.

Few people know that Yves Saint Laurent once owned this property until filmmaker Wes Anderson moved in. The Swiss-style house with the main material being wood has an extremely charming beauty, built at least since 1906, then was damaged by a fire in 1917 and restored. It is said that Anderson and famous singer David Bowie once co-hosted annual New Year’s Eve parties here.

Later, Hathaway and Shulman fell in love with it. They decided to renovate this house together with AD100 designer Pamela Shamshiri.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

“Pam really loved it,” Hathaway said of the collaborative process of rebuilding her historic home. She also said that the house was previously created by architects Myron Hunt and Elmer Gray, who created the Henry and Arabella Huntington mansion in San Marino, now the main gallery of the Huntington Library. art gallery, along with many other notable works of Southern California architecture.

“Throughout the entire process, her designs convey a sense of sophistication, enchantment, and a joyful atmosphere,” says Shulman.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

The lovely house is described by Hathaway and Shulman as “as attractive as a love affair”. The millionaire’s husband said: “We were captivated as soon as we drove there, seeing the magnificent panorama appearing before our eyes.”

“It has the perfect combination of romanticism and beautiful design. The first impression told us that this would be a place associated with our lives. I saw the image of myself starting to build a family here appear in my head,” Hathaway said.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

The fairy-tale architecture served as the basis for Shamshiri’s imaginative, decades-long interiors.

“We sought to draw a Swiss chalet, with the look of a hunting lodge, a winter retreat,” she says. “We tried to retain the ‘sweet’ details of the house while adding layers of color, texture and furniture from different eras. Thereby, the house shows the transformation of the past – and the present, as well as revealing the generous and warm spirit of the couple Anne and Adam.”

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

The spacious music room was built as a disco for young people. The area features floodlights, a piano, a glittering Yves Klein Monogold table, an early 20th-century disco ball and plenty of comfortable seating for Hathaway and Shulman’s crowd of friends.

“For a long time, we have wished to have such a space. It’s a place where the people we care about can come together, a place where our musical friends can shine. It is the beating heart of the home,” Hathaway explains.

The kitchen is painted in soft colors of egg blue and soft green, leading directly to a lovely breakfast area with beautiful wallpaper. The space integrates architectural elements and modern spruce chairs by Italian designer Carlo de Carli. In the kitchen there is also a long table so everyone can sit and watch the cooking process.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

“I completely support Annie and Adam’s extremely bold color taste,” Shamshiri recalls of combining peach and burgundy tones in the lobby and music room, inspired by a favorite Gucci shirt. .

The royal yellow gown that Rihanna wore at the 2015 Met Gala was used as a reference for some of the gold, carpet and stage in the music room.

The millionaire female couple was also very satisfied with the house after wearing a new shirt. “When it was just the two of us and the baby, the house seemed incredibly peaceful and quiet, as if it was holding us tightly. When there are a lot of people around, it opens up full of excitement and fun ,” Shulman added.

$2.7 million farm in Connecticut

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

Built in 1920, Anne Hathaway’s 4,561-square-foot Connecticut home, located next to the ocean, has plenty of New England charm.

The home’s facade is made of simple white shingles, with a red-painted door adding a pop of color. The door opens into a traditional hall.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

The living room has coffered ceilings and French doors, while the large dining room has a large stone fireplace and vaulted ceiling, with several large skylights. Everyone can find an interesting breakfast nook with a great view.

Country style pool house

The house has a barn-style swimming pool, a popular style of the English countryside, dating from the 1920s and measuring 1,518 square feet.

Illustration for barn-style pool house – Photo: The Barn Yard

Anne Hathaway’s apartment features wide-plank oak floors, built-in bookcases, a loft area, and cathedral ceilings with exposed wood beams and skylights.

Ảnh: Architectural Digest Magazine

On the upper floor, the bedrooms are divided into two sides. The dressing room has a wardrobe and a classic bathroom with beautiful black and white checkered marble tiles.

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