Megan Fox Hires a ‘Hand Double’ for Alluring Super Bowl Commercial where She Strips Down

By admin Sep17,2023

In Hollywood, it is commonplace for shy stars to enrol a body double for a Sєx scene.

But while Megan Fox happily went naked in her latest film Jennifer’s Body, it appears she isn’t quite so confident with her hands.

In her latest role, starring in a one-off Super Bowl advert for Motorola, it appears the actress has enlisted a hand double.

Megan Fox scrubs up well in this new ad aired during the Super Bowl.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People (2008). Simon Pegg and Megan Fox

In the Motorola ad screened yesterday, a naked Megan Fox reclines in a bubblebath with some strategically placed suds protecting her modesty.

But while her Sєxy pouting caught a lot of attention, other viewers were more concerned with the fact her ‘hands’ didn’t belong to her.

In the commercial, a totally different woman’s fingers are seen playing with the phone during the close-up.

The actress has a genetic condition called brachydactyly, which means she has clubbed thumbs.

So rather than use her actual thumbs for the close-up on the new Blur smart phone, Motorola enlisted a hand model.

While Motorola were likely expecting lots of internet buzz over Fox’s naked appearance in the ad, bloggers couldn’t help commending on her hands.

A writer on the Celebrity Smack blog said: ‘Did anyone else catch this? I couldn’t help but chuckle when they showed a close-up of the Motorola phone and the hands holding it were definitely not Megan Fox’s.’

The 30 second ad, which would have cost Motorola between $2million and $3million for the coveted advertising slot, would have been seen by around 90million American TV viewers.

Megan Fox scrubs up well in this new ad aired during the Super Bowl.

The ad sees the Transformers beauty lounging in a bath day-dreaming and wonders what would happen if she published a pH๏τo of herself on the internet.

After pouting for the camera in the bath, she says: ‘I wonder what will happen if I send it out…’

The action then cuts to electrical wires exploding, a man falling off a ladder because his friend is preoccupied with the pH๏τo and arguing couples as they all receive the saucy pH๏τo.

The ad then returns to Fox in the bathtub, who muses: ‘Probably nothing.’

Megan Fox scrubs up well in this new ad aired during the Super Bowl.

Despite suffering from the slight cosmetic defect, her short thumbs haven’t stopped Fox from becoming one Hollywood’s Sєxiest stars.

Leading New York hand surgeon Dr Steven Bendner  told the New York Daily News last year: ‘Literally, what it means is short finger. The nail of the thumb in this condition is often very short and wide. It is usually hereditary.

‘You need it to be able to touch the other fingers and it is important for pinching,” he says. “In Megan Fox’s case, it appears that only the last bone of the thumb is affected and that it does not involve the joint. For her, it looks like it’s just a cosmetic deficit.’

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