The secret to Anne Hathaway’s “age-defying” like a woman in her twenties

By admin Sep17,2023

What secret has helped Anne Hathaway maintain her attractiveness after so many years?

2022 is a memorable year for Anne Hathaway. Besides her flourishing career and praise for her role in Armageddon Time , the beauty born in 1982 is also mentioned by fans because of the outfits she brought to the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as The surprisingly radiant appearance of the mother of two children.

With her beauty and “heart-stopping” charisma, Anne Hathaway adds color to the Cannes Film Festival with a series of fashion designs from Italy (Photo source: Vogue)

Many questions have been raised to find the secret to Anne Hathaway’s smooth, youthful skin. The public realizes that the star’s current appearance is not much worse than when she first started her career. And the key to the beauty of “the flower is jealous, the willow is less green” is the firmness of the skin.

Anne Hathaway’s skin is still more or less affected by aging. However, the firmness is truly admirable! (Photo source: Vanity Fair)

In essence, what people call “skin tightening” includes two aspects:


– One is that the skin itself does not have many folds, does not sag but is very smooth. This is related to the amount of collagen on the surface. The more collagen, the firmer and stronger the skin.

– Second, the overall face is not drooping, the jawline is clear, and the nasolabial folds and corners of the mouth are not clearly visible. This is also thanks to the dense collagen network on the face, which is not deficient.

To maintain her ideal beauty, Anne Hathaway must follow her own beauty rules. In addition to regularly using sunscreen before going outdoors, the actress also said that finding the right moisturizer and using it twice a day is one of the effective anti-aging measures. She also does spa treatments once a week.

Drinking enough water is the star’s trick to maintaining a youthful appearance. She believes that this is a simple way to help detoxify the body, washing away the agents that cause dull, acne-prone skin (Photo source: Vanity Fair)

And most of all, the female lead of Princess Diary  also maintains the spirit of living happily and healthily, always loving herself. Having experienced malicious comments about her appearance, Anne has learned to ignore negative energy and accept the love that fans give her. She once shared: “If my body is different from what you thought it should be, then it’s yours, not mine.”

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