Which Wigged Out Katy Perry From This German TV Spot Do You Prefer?

By admin Sep17,2023

Katy Perry recently filmed a TV spot for the German TV show Star Force, and the happy pop songstress modeled three very different retro looks in the 90-second clip while dancing along to her single “Teenage Dream.” Watch the ad and pick your favorite wig below!

Now that you’ve seen the spot (sidenote: how come the U.S. doesn’t get awesome TV spots like this?), how do you most like your Katy? Blonde, and dolled up like a robot Marilyn Monroe:

Katy Perry as Marilyn Monroe in symbolic red dress. | Кэти перри, Актрисы,  Мэрилин монро
Red-headed and mod, like what Minnie Mouse might look like if she were human:

Teenage Dream-Fanmade Single Covers - Katy Perry Photo (22720559) - Fanpop

Or brunette and on a rocket ship, as though she’s the new mascot of a 1950s burger joint:

Leak Report: Katy Perry feat. Tinie Tempah 'E.T.' – Feed Limmy

One thing’s for certain—this girl really likes her wigs. Maybe Katy, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj can open up a Halloween costume store together.

Katy Perry pode virar Marilyn Monroe em musical - Revista Cifras

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