Megan Fox Flaunts Violet Hair and Seductive Lingerie Alongside Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson in Good Mourning Trailer

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Hijinks ensue in the hilarious new trailer for Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun’s new movie, Good Mourning.

Kelly (real name Colson Baker) plays London Clash, an actor who is forced to choose between landing a role a major film or getting back with the love of his life (Becky G).

The movie follows London’s attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend with the help of his ragtag group of friends, with appearances from his fiance Megan Fox and Pete Davidson along the way.

Scene stealer! A purple-haired Fox dropped jaws in Sєxy lingerie in a scene from the Good Mourning trailer

The trailer begins by introducing London, a star on a show called Good Bad People, and his girlfriend Apple.

‘We’ve been dating for a year,’ London says as the couple are shown looking loved-up atop a hill.

‘I can’t stop thinking about her,’ he admits.

But things take a turn for the worse after he receives a cryptic message from her which he interprets to be a break-up text.

Hollywood baby: Clash is the star of a show called Good Bad People

She's smoking! Megan Fox appears in the hilarious new trailer for her fiance Machine Gun Kelly's comedy Good Mourning

The love of his life! London Clash's life comes to a screeching halt after he receives a break-up text from his girlfriend Apple (Becky G)

At 7:36 in the morning, she sends him the messages, ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this thru text,’ followed by ‘Good Mourning.’

‘What the f**?’ London says after looking up the meaning of ‘mourning.’

London is not entirely sure how to interpret the text message.

‘Yo, does this look like a break up text to you?’ He asks a friend with blue spikey hair, devouring a large bowl of colorful cereal.

What's going on!? Clash awakens to a cryptic break-up text from his girlfriend

Second opinion: London asks his blue-haired friend if he believes the text message is her breaking up with him

‘Yes,’ his friend replies confidently.

Next, London seeks ᴀssistance from a friend who attempts to cleanse his energy with some sage.

But as his friend continues with his ritual, the tapestry on the wall catches on fire.

Enter Megan Fox, who saves the day with a fire extinguisher.

Are you crazy? 'No, I cannot push this meeting with the director of Batman!' the woman angrily tells London

Look who's here! Pete Davidson plays London's valet friend

'I will kill you!' Davidson shouts at the impatient man honking his horn at him

‘You’re an idiot,’ a lingerie-clad, violet-haired Megan tells London. ‘I hope you find your girlfriend.’

London is still preoccupied with Apple ahead of a meeting with the director of Batman.

‘Can you push this meeting?’ London asks.

‘No, I cannot push this meeting with the director of Batman!’ the woman angrily replies.

High class! The group partook in a smoke session

Hands on: Fox crumbles the weed in her hands

‘Apple’s breaking up with me,’ he replies.

As London continues his quest to win Apple back, he runs into his friend, a valet played by Pete Davidson.

‘Have you seen Apple?’ London asks.

‘Yeah,’ he replies.

New do! Fox rocked a head full of sleek violet hair for the film

Celeb cameos: Danny Trejo was among the big names making a surprise appearance‘Did she say where she was going?’ London asks.

‘She did, she actually,’ Pete says, initially indulging him before bringing him back to reality. ‘No, are you f**king crazy!?’

Pete then shouts off at a man attempting to get his attention by honking his horn.

‘I will kill you!’ Pete yells at the impatient driver.

Among the wild antics the group participates in is a smoke session with Megan, who crumbles the weed they are going to smoke in her hands.

Megan and Pete are not the only big names appearing in the film – Danny Trejo and Tom Arnold also make surprise appearances.

Good Mourning was written and directed by Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun and will be released on May 20.

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