Calvin Klein’s Latest Campaign Showcases Kardashian-Jenner Sisters, Including Pregnant Khloe, Bonding Over Underwear

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In the Kardashian-Jenner family, it’s totally normal to spend a day lounging around in just your underwear with all of your sisters. And to have those moments sH๏τ for a national fashion campaign.

Calvin Klein released images from its latest ‘Our Family’ campaign today, spotlighting Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie posing together in the brand’s bras and underwear.

The five reality stars seem relaxed and natural in pH๏τos and video, lounging together on a blanket outside, swinging on a rope swing, and playing a game of telephone.

‘Unconventional and unapologetic: family makes us who we are,’ the brand said upon releasing the images on Wednesday morning. ‘The Kardashians and Jenners wear new, heritage-inflected Monogram styles from Calvin Klein Underwear and timeless Calvin Klein Jeans.

In the official images, all five women wear similar bras and underwear in shades of black and white, which thick logo bands on all of the pieces.

Kim, 37, poses up leaning against a tree and on a blanket below it, her long dark hair stretching halfway down her stomach.

Khloe, 34, is still visibly pregnant in the pH๏τos, which were sH๏τ several months ago. In some, she is more covered up in underwear and a long-sleeve shirt that covers her bump. But in other sH๏τs, she shows off her belly in a white bra and underwear, with a white ʙuттon-down left open and hanging from her shoulders.

Oldest sister Kourtney, 39, looks sporty in a bra and briefs, and also pairs her bra with high-waisted jeans in another sH๏τ.

Youngest sisters Kendall, 22, and Kylie, 20, also posed for the campaign, with Kendall striking her best model pose and Kylie looking slim just months after giving birth.

The pH๏τos are all part of the Fall 2018 campaign, and were sH๏τ by pH๏τographer Willy Vanderperre and videographer Shane Sigler.

In addition to posing for a series of stunning black-and-white sH๏τs, the sisters also appeared together in a video that’s now on the brand’s website.

In the black-and-white clip, they’re seen serenely walking through the grᴀss, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. They share a rope swing hanging from a tree, lounge on branches, and hold hands as the camera rolls.

The video also captures Kendall playing behind-the-scenes pH๏τographer, snapping away as her sisters pose — and Vanderperre and Sigler catch her in the action.

According to Vogue, the Kendall played both model and pH๏τog with a Contax T2 camera, turning out the only color sH๏τs from the day.

‘I’m very observant,’ she said. ‘I take everything in when I’m on set, even things like lighting, and how to set my camera.’

‘It’s nice being on set and getting to take pictures of my sisters again. They’re all so beautiful, which makes them easy to pH๏τograph. These are good memories to have,’ she added.

In another 30-second video, the ladies are all sitting comfortably on the blanket in their coordinated underwear and playing a game of telephone.

Kendall — who is sitting in front and leaning against sister Kourtney behind her — kicks the game off by whispering a long message in to Kim’s ear. Kim, who giggles, pᴀsses it on to Khloe, who seems confused and asks, ‘What?’

Khloe whispers to Kourtney, who finally relays the message in Kylie’s ear. Kylie, the last person, says it out loud: ‘Sandra climbed up a prickly tree and caught a lizard?’


Her sisters all laugh, and Kendall reveals what she actually said — which was pretty close: ‘Sandra climbed up a purple tree. When she found a lizard, she ate it.’

None of the sisters indicate who, exactly, ‘Sandra’ is.

The sisters had previously appeared together. During that shoot, it was youngest sister Kylie who was visibly pregnant but still keeping her baby-to-be a secret, so she covered up the middle of her body in every sH๏τ.

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