How Katy Perry Makes Curves Sexy!

By admin Sep21,2023

EXCLUSIVE: How Katy Perry Makes Curves Sexy!

1. In a 1950’s style dress, Perry accentuates her waist with a tiny, pink belt.

2. Katy dressed up like Mrs. Claus for concert during the holiday season, wearing tight and sexy winter wonderland getup!

3. When Katy hits the stage, she has nothing to hide. We love how she embraces her feminine figure in sexy, but tasteful style.

4. How does Katy get her curves to work for her instead of against her? By opting for a high-waisted and tasteful skirt, instead of one that hangs low on her hips.

5. Katy dresses up in S&M bad girl style, just like the rest of them, but she makes sure to avoid showing too much skin, looking sassy instead of trashy!

6. Another way she flaunts her curvy figure? By making the most of her other assets!

7. Metallic heels elongate Katy’s toned legs, while her halter top shows off her perfect assets.

8. Wearing a metal embellished frock, Perry’s thigh-high socks show off her luscious legs.

9. Katy isn’t a cookie-cutter girl! What better way to show off your covetable curves, then by wearing a latex Syren dress?

10. Katy’s corset showed off her gorgeous curves, attracting attention to her tiny waist.

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