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Embracing all the chaos of the festival, tonight sees Katy crowd-surfing, grinding on security, and generally having the time of her life.

Dancing tellies with gigantic eyes twitching across the stage, a winged angel-type rucksack contraption, several rounds of confetti gun, and a quote-based reference to Rihanna; Katy Perry’s totally ridiculous Pyramid stage set has all the jaw-dropping, over the top elements that you could possibly expect from her show, and more. Bounding on to the stage, Katy plays a couple of obligatory cuts from ‘Witness’ to kick things off, before declaring: “but we all know why you’re really here!”

The reason everyone is here, by the way, is pop bangers, and lots of them. Katy gladly delivers on that front. ‘California Gurls,’ ‘Dark Horse’ ‘I Kissed A Girl’ ‘and ’Teenage Dream’ all fire out in quick succession, Katy bounding off to the stage right platform to grind on a bemused security guard (natch) and then running along the front row; all the while pursued by her backing dancers and their increasingly ludicrous hats. The show wraps up in the way that all sets should rightly end; by hurling herself into the crowd during ‘Roar,’ and heading out atop the crowd for an extended bout of selfie-taking. Totally chaotic and completely onboard with the next-level mayhem of Glastonbury, Katy Perry enters fully into the spirit.

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