Controversy Arises as North West Captures a Topless PH๏τo of Kim Kardashian, Prompting Mixed Reactions

By admin Sep22,2023

Kim Kardashian taking her clothes off on Instagram is nothing new, but it’s the person behind the camera in her latest topless pH๏τo that’s got everyone talking.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a picture to her 107million followers which shows her facing a mirror with her bra undone, while daughter North stands behind her taking a flash pH๏τograph.

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And while there’s definitely an argument to suggest we should encourage girls (and boys) to be comfortable with the human form from a young age, and that Kim’s body positivity will have a great impact on her 4-year-old’s own relationship with her body, some fans are questioning the ethics of the pH๏τo.

“This is literally weird. Like it’s just weird”, one person wrote, while another added, “Why would you get your daughter to take a pic like this? Come on Kim 🙄.”

A third commented, “Not sure getting your daughter to take a picture of your breasts, to then post on social media is the best role modelling but each to their own.”

Some people disagreed though, sharing the opinion that by Kim being open and honest about her body, North will feel confident and strong in hers, too.

“Finding that your mum has boobs that one day you’re gonna have too (it’s better to teach kids from a young age what is gonna happen with they body) it’s not gonna make her not to respect herself [sic]”, someone added.

By admin

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