Megan Fox slammed online for ‘comically bad’ voice acting in Mortal Kombat

By admin Sep22,2023

Megan Fox has provided her likeness and voice for a Mortal Kombat game, and fans are not happy.

The Transformers actress lent herself to Nitara, a vampiress in a Mortal Kombat 1 reboot released September 19. While Megan’s character seems cool as she dons wings and breathes fire, fans were not as impressed with her voice-acting skills.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on it, calling her voice acting “cringe” and “comically bad.” One person wrote: “Megan Fox’s voice work in the new Mortal Kombat game is some of the worst I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“I love her but can’t take her serious,” one wrote on Twitter. TikTok gaming commentator, Stoney Tha Great, made a video on the social media app where he bashed her voice. “It literally just sounds like [Megan is] reading off the paper with no effort at all,” they said. “I’m just saying if you’re playing a blood-sucking vampire demon, you should probably sound like one.”

Besides her voice acting, fans have mocked her dialogue in her fight introduction lines, meant to be phrases to intimidate. “The blood spilled today won’t be mine,” is one of the things her character says, along with: “I will battle you to death.”

Megan shared a video teaser of the game on her Instagram, captioning it: “I actually can’t believe I’m voicing a character in #MK1 now all you grumpy trolls in the comments can execute a fatality on me. catharsis.”

But her Instagram wasn’t immune to judgmental comments. “Please never voice act again. It’s so horrible and monotone. Like you can literally hear it in the voice that she was there for a paycheck,” one person wrote.

However, some of her 21.5 million followers shared more positive notes. One replied: “This is sick congrats girlie!!!” Another person just commented a bunch of fire emojis, while others wished for her to role play as her character for Halloween.

This is Megan’s first attempt at voice acting. She’ll also be providing the voice of Princess Leilani in the upcoming movie Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphins. But voice acting isn’t all she’s been doing, she’s also going to have a role in the fourth Expendables movie, Expend4bles, as Gina.

She spoke about her experience on the set of Expend4bles and working with the star-studded cast. “Working with [Sylvester] Stallone and Jason [Statham], they’ve all been great and they all have very unique personalities,” she told E! News. She also compared the rapper 50 Cent to “a big teddy bear.”

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