Megan Fox’s Sє***ess Has Been Overrated

By admin Sep22,2023

“I’m Sєxy and I know it”, is one of the many hits with which LMFAO invaded the parties.

Megan Fox probably doesn’t like to dance to that song because, as she revealed to Miami magazine: “I was never the pretty girl.”

Megan fox

Seriously, Megan ? It’s hard to believe you.

“It was exhausting and unpleasant.”

Wow, those are strong words.

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According to Cara Armani , during her teenage years those are the adjectives that best describe her and that she was very lonely growing up. To make matters worse, she claims, her interests were never very popular.

One of his pᴀssions is ancient civilizations for which he always felt an attraction: “I would love to go on an excavation.” We dare to ᴀssure that many anthropologists would accept you in their explorations, Megan .

What do you think?

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