Expendables 4 producers insist Megan Fox ‘isn’t there just to make up numbers’

By admin Sep23,2023

Expend4bles comes to cinemas almost a decade since the last instalment, with a new set of A-listers gracing screens alongside franchise favorites Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren.

Alongside the fresh faces is a somewhat surprising addition of Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox and producers Les Weldon and Kevin King Templeton, who have worked on all four Expendables movies, revealed the 37-year-old is packing some punches.

The trailer alone has instated Megan as a heavy hitter in the new flick as she throws around Jason’s Lee Christmas character in a lover’s bout.

Kevin revealed in the scene and many others Megan “did a lot of her own stunts”, adding: “Every one of these actors got stuck in. She did fight training.

Les interjected: “She did very well. She was very prepared.”

His colleague continued: “None of them just show up. She didn’t come to just make up the numbers. She was definitely invested in this.

“The relationship between Megan and the Christmas character really works.”

Another fresh face fans are eager to see in action is 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson.

Kevin gushed over 50’s “organic” relationship with Dolph’s Gunner Jensen character, as Les added: “ He was a good combination with Dolph too because they have sort of a side story.”

He also revealed fans can expect a more “global” feel in the new movie, revealing newcomers Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and 50 “took the heavy load of the fighting”.

The producers explained in a “fun” action flick like Expendables, every installment needs to “evolve to survive”, meaning not just a new string of A-listers but also a “seamless” connection to the original cast.

Kevin shared: “It’s injected a sH๏τ of fresh air into the franchise. Everyone’s super respectful of each other, they seemed to have fun.

“They respected the older movies and they integrated themselves. It’s definitely needed or at least welcomed on top of the existing actors.

“In front of the camera we’ve always had marquee names but they’ve always been carefully chosen so hopefully we’ve got it right on this one.”

He jokingly added: “You can’t do Expendables 4 with Kevin King Templeton and Les Weldon, it’s not going to work, sadly you’ve scrapped the bottom of the barrel and you’ve got us!”

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