Katy Perry threw a colourful birthday party, which saw her guests covered head to toe in paint.

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Katy Perry threw a colourful birthday party this weekend, which saw her guests covered head to toe in paint.

The singer left her 25th birthday covered in splashes of paint, but new boyfriend Russell Brand did not look so amused in his ruined jeans and T-shirt.

Katy Perry's 25th Birthday Party

Katy had asked all her guests to dress in white for the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory-themed party but did not tell them they would be doused with neon paint before the night was over.

Katy Perry's 25th Birthday Party 

Painty Perry? Katy Perry and boyfriend Russell Brand leave her Willy Wonka-themed 25th birthday party at The Beach On Sunset after a paint and food fight

She wore a low-cut, tight sequinned white dress to the event, and had her nails painted with the faces of Oompa Loompas.

Katy Perry's 25th birthday party | *Zandra!* | Flickr

The bash was held at restaurant The Beach On Sunset in West Hollywood on Saturday night and it was transformed into Willy Wonka’s factory.

The evening began with a sit-down dinner, which celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who was a guest, said included ‘lots of yumminess, especially some deelish yellow and green mashed potatoes’.

Katy Perry 

Time to go home: Russell cuddles his new girlfriend protectively as they leave the party, which was cut short after fire marshalls ordered the DJs to finish early

Katy Perry's 25th Birthday Party

He added: ‘There was so many sweets downstairs for dessert that we’re surprised we didn’t go into a food coma.’

Guests included country singer Taylor Swift and P.Diddy, as well as her mother, father and sister.

P.Diddy,  who is known for his white-themed parties, was reported to have sent his assistant out for six new pairs of white Levi jeans.

AP Images for 42

Katy looked all white at the start of the evening, as she nibbled on a huge Wonka-style lollipop

Katy Perry Throws Best. Birthday Party. Ever.

One partygoer told Radaronline.com: ‘They got a little crazy with the paint! I wasn’t expecting it but everyone got painted – even Taylor Swift.’

This evening Perez Hilton wrote on Twitter: ‘When I say @KatyPerry’s birthday party last night was epic – I’m not exaggerating!’

Katy and Russell are said to be head-over-heels about each other and arrived at the party hand-in-hand.

Taylor Swift 

Country singer Taylor Swift was at the party in a strapless white dress, which was later daubed with colourful paint

‘They were totally loved up,’ an eyewitness said. ‘Katy was having a ball and Russell was catering to her every whim.

‘At one point he was down on his knees bowing and offering her a huge swirly lollipop. She grabbed it from his hands and pretended to knight him with it.’

But Perez revealed on his blog that health and safety officials put an end to their fun.

He said: ‘We all had soooooo much fun that the lame ass fire marshals put a damper on the whole party and kinda shut it down after Katy’s blowing out her birthday cake turned into a food fight and cake was splattered all over the dance floor.’

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