Watch Megan Fox And Jason Statham Flirt And Fight In Expendables 4 Clip

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The next action-packed entry in The Expendables franchise is quickly approaching theaters next week with Expend4bles. Along with many familiar cast members from the last three movies returning, such as Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture, Megan Fox is stepping into the cast for the first time. Thanks to a new clip from the movie, it looks like she’ll be adding a little bit of spice to this boy’s club.

Megan Fox is set to star in The Expendables 4 as Gina, a CIA agent who also happens to be the girlfriend of Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas. In the below clip from Lionsgate тιтled “In The Mood,” we’re given a little taste of what to expect from Gina and Lee’s relationship in a scene that looks to be from early in the movie. Check it:

These two really know how to turn their flirt on, and via this Expendables 4 clip, the movie couple partake in a bit of teasing and play fighting on the regular amidst Gina getting some sort of new ᴀssignment that Lee wants to accompany her on. Fox’s character plays hard to get following his request to come with her, saying she’s “sorry,” but he isn’t invited. When he probes that she might be lonely without him, she quips that there are “other boys on the mission.”

When Gina remarks she’s not in the mood, the foreplay begins, which apparently means the couple literally throwing each other around and perhaps even breaking a few things in the house before settling on taking things to the bedroom. The clip introduces a fun and Sєxy relationship between Jason Statham and Megan Fox’s character, even if some of the lines are admittedly a smidge cheesy. One has to wonder how Gina’s personality will mesh with the predominantly male Expendables 4 cast once the mission begins. Based on this clip, the newcomer to the franchise may shake things up in a playful way. Plus, she can certainly hold her own and ask for what she wants.

Of course, Megan Fox is no stranger to big action movies, especially considering 2007’s Transformers was her big break and would propel her into serious stardom. After the actress moved on from Michael Bay’s franchise after the sequel, she played April O’Neill in two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, but that was seven years ago. Fox has certainly been busy with acting gigs since then, but being part of The Expendables 4 is her first big action movie since then.

Fox is also joined by Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Andy Garcia and 50 Cent, the latter of whom recently trashed the upcoming movie for one element of the marketing. Fox and Statham’s Sєxy fight scene was previously teased in the Expendables 4 trailer along with promises of a lot of big action and destruction of course. The Expendables 4 lands in theaters next Friday, September 22. While we wait, check out what other 2023 new movie releases are coming our way this fall here on CinemaBlend.

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