Katy Perry’s hottest snaps – whipped cream leather dress and nearly n***

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Katy Perry has floored fans with some pretty racy looks over the years, since debuting her whipped cream boobs in her California Gurls music video.

Speaking of her “intense” outfit at the time, Katy confessed: “These whipped-cream boobs were in the music video because that was my only ammo.

“I had to slay those Gummi Bears that were very evil. I had to show them who was boss in Candyfornia. The California Gurls, of course.”

She giggled: “It was really intense with all that whipped cream coming from my back through my assets.


“I will tell you that those cupcake-bra boobies, they were a little bit heavy and they were interesting.”

Katy’s known for her one-of-a-kind outfits, and has wowed in many a PVC dress over the years. From see-through gowns to going nearly naked underneath a coat, Katy has sent temperatures soaring since the release of her first major album release in 2008.

And as she prepares to headline the Coronation of King Charles III alongside Lionel Richie, Daily Star takes a look back at her most eye-popping outfits over the years.

Whipped cream, anyone?

Katy Perry said her whipped cream bra was ‘really intense’ 

(Image: Capitol)


Shower time!

She ducked under the spray in a teeny bikini 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)


See-through skirt

Katy is no stranger to a racy look 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)

Plunging neckline

She put everything on display in a teeny pink gown(Image: Katy Perry/Instagram) 


Nearly naked

Katy ditched her clothes under a stunning coat(Image: katyperry/Instagram) 

Knicker flash

While jet-skiing, Katy cheekily tugged down her undies 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)

Braless babe

Ditching her bra under a metallic green gown, Katy looked incredible 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)


Getting dirty

She got on all fours to lay her handprint in cement 

(Image: WireImage)


Bikini babe

Katy ran up and down the beach in a tiny two-piece

(Image: Daily Record)


Swimsuit chic

Katy looked stunning in a sunset beach snap 

Plastic princess

She channelled her inner Barbie doll in a PVC ensemble 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)

Cut-out gown

Katy wowed in a mermaid-style dress 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)


Teeny corset

She put everything on display during a show 

(Image: WireImage)


Leather and lace

Katy can pull off anything – even a leather dress 

(Image: katyperry/Instagram)


Pretty plunging

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