Fans of Kim Kardashian left stunned as her waist nearly disappears under an XS SKIMS top, raising concerns about her weight loss. Is that really you, Kim?

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ANS have become concerned by Kim’s waist as she wore an extra small SKIMS top.

In.a series of Instagram pH๏τos, Kim, 41, posed in steamy outfits from her fashion line.

The SKIMS founder donned a pink and long-sleeved T-shirt that reportedly “fits everybody.”

The Kardashians star also wore a matching “dipped thong” as she pulled up her shirt and teased her bare tummy.

Kim parted her blonde hair in the middle and тιԍнтly pulled the rest into a ponytail.

Unfortunately, the chatter among fashion critics in the comments section was about her thinning waistline.

One critic chimed in: “Why are you so skinny?”

Recently, the reality star shared her visit with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami at his Beverly Hills clinic.

The Hulu star went in for her skin-тιԍнтening stomach treatment.

Dr. Ghavami explained the procedure: “The Morpheous eight body tip which can actually do stacking type bursts released both deep and superficial and then it synergizes between the layers of the skin.”

He continued: “So we’re gonna get all of the layers up to the surface,”

She interrupted and joked: “Listen, we don’t care, we just wanna look good! So whatever that means!”

Unfortunately, fans claimed the procedure was unnecessary for Kim in the comments.

Even Kourtney Kardashian, 43, has reportedly shared her concern over the thinning looks of her siblings.

While Kourtney has embraced her curvy female figure, a source close to the TV personality exclusively told The Sun U.S. that she reportedly thinks her sisters have gone too far with their skinny frames.

Kim has lost over 20 pounds since the start of the summer, while Khloe Kardashian, 38, dropped 60 pounds over the past four years.

Unlike her sisters, Kourtney has gushed over her weight gain after undergoing her intense IVF treatments.

The Kardashian friend claimed: “Kourtney likes to point out that you can’t go near either Kim or Khloe mid-afternoon as they are both so hungry they snap at anyone.

“She is convinced that’s why both her sisters are single because no man can tolerate their strict daily plans and twice-a-day workouts.”

The insider continued: “She says neither one of them ever has fun because they are counting calories so much – she feels it’s impossible to ever be in a happy relationship like that.”

Kim and her ex-husband Kanye West, 45, share their four children: North, nine; Psalm, three; Chicago, four; and Saint, six.

The TV personality was also in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, which lasted about nine months.

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