‘I’m sorry if …’: Brian Austin Green’s heartfelt text to Megan Fox post ‘vulnerable’ co-parenting podcast episode

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Brian Austin Green recently shared many details about his new podcast, Old·ish, in an exclusive interview with Page Six. He revealed that he didn’t get permission from exes Megan Fox or Vanessa Marcil before discussing co-parenting on the show but reached out to Megan afterward to inform her. The podcast aims to keep conversations positive and help others in similar situations, emphasizing collective storytelling.

Brian Austin Green talks about co-parenting without permission
During the podcast episode, Green discussed his blended family and co-parenting experience with Megan Fox, highlighting their amicable relationship for the sake of their children’s well-being. Later he texted Megan Fox saying, “I said to her in a text, I just said, ‘Hey, just to let you know, I discussed our co-parenting in our podcast. I’m sorry if you didn’t want that.’” Sharna Burgess, his fiancée and podcast co-host, also praised their great relationship and the importance of prioritizing healthy interactions. About picking topics for the podcast, Brian said, “We’re not in the business of shaming people. We collectively, the three of us, try and take as much responsibility for our lives as we can, as well, so we’re not just sitting here trying to point the finger and talk about our personal stories. We’re trying to make our stories collective stories.”

Green compared his co-parenting experience with Fox to his more challenging one with Marcil, citing roadblocks and difficulties in the latter relationship. He denied Marcil’s allegations that he cut ties with his son, Kᴀssius, during his recovery from vertigo, emphasizing the importance of Vanessa’s support during that time.

He added, “When we need to, we communicate really well, we are open to things, we don’t take things personally. It is my goal, and I think it’s her goal as well, that the kids are in as healthy [of an] environment as they can be in.” Sharna Burgess chimed in, adding, “We are lucky because we have a great relationship. I think what’s so important is we have made that a priority, for us to be able to interact and have a great time.”

Brian and Sharna shared insights on upcoming podcast topics
Green previously dated Marcil from 1999 to 2003 and was married to Fox from 2010 to 2020. Megan Fox is currently in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, while Green has been dating Sharna Burgess since 2020. The actor revealed that he secretly proposed to Burgess during his 50th birthday celebration in July.

Randy Spelling, Green’s longtime pal and podcast co-host, has also considered the pros and cons of sharing personal stories. He believes it’s essential to present both sides of each story to avoid polarization and misunderstanding. While they may mention people in their circle, they want to ensure listeners understand that different experiences exist. Regarding potential podcast guests, Burgess mentioned the possibility of inviting individuals who have been through significant life experiences. They plan to explore topics like addiction in upcoming episodes, with Randy sharing a personal story that even Green and Burgess hadn’t heard before.

Fans can listen to Old·ish on the iHeartRadio app and other podcast platforms. The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and promote healthy conversations on various topics.

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