Join Angelina Jolie’s fashion venture and be a part of her clothing brand

By admin Sep26,2023

Angelina Jolie, the Academy Award-winning actress, has recently launched her new fashion brand, Atelier Jolie. In just two weeks since the announcement, Jolie has already started searching for “creators” to work at her brand’s NYC atelier. She has invited everyone to become a part of her brand in one way or another, whether by visiting or participating online or attending various events. However, she is currently focusing on building the skilled tailors’ in-house team for Atelier Jolie’s first studio located in New York City. Jolie seeks tailors who can understand quality and creativity. While she plans to expand globally, she hopes that more skilled professionals will join her in building a global family for Atelier Jolie.

angelina jolie

angelina jolie

Jolie gave a message to her followers, assuring them that if they don’t receive a response in this round, there will be more rounds and opportunities available. She encouraged them to be bold with their submissions and directed them to the Careers page on the Atelier Jolie website to submit their portfolios for consideration. Some commenters found it funny that they would need to learn how to sew, while others appreciated Jolie’s efforts and would support those who do know how to sew.

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