Megan Fox gets slammed into metal barricade after scuffle between Machine Gun Kelly and a person. Watch

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As per a new report, it was Machine Gun Kelly who raised his hand first. A person then, in retaliation, punched him back.

Megan Fox recently visited the Orange County Fair in California’s Costa Mesa with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. At the fair, on Thursday night, she had to bear the brunt after a person tried to attack her boyfriend. Several videos of the incident have been shared on social media platforms. (Also Read | Megan Fox refutes claims of ‘forcing’ kids into ‘girls clothes’)

How it all started
In a clip, posted on Twitter, Megan and Machine Gun Kelly walked out after a ride when a person behind a metal barricade said something to him. As he walked towards him, the person threw a punch and Machine Gun Kelly also punched back. His security guard who stood close by ran towards the person.

Megan slammed into metal barricade
However, in doing so he unintentionally pushed Megan into the metal barricade and she had to hold it to keep her balance. While running, he also pushed Machine Gun Kelly aside. As the security guard stood there stopping the person from throwing any more punches, Machine Gun Kelly pulled Megan and walked away with her. She visibly looked taken aback by the turn of events. The security guard too walked away after a brief minute.

The video was shared with the caption, “#MeganFox caught in between the fight.” For their date night, Megan wore a black bralette top, a leather jacket, ripped shorts, and knee-high white-heeled boots. Machine Gun Kelly was seen in a white crocheted top and green printed pants.

Machine Gun Kelly reportedly threw first punch
According to TMZ, two people said something to Machine Gun Kelly who raised his hand first and hit one of them. The other person then threw a punch back at him and that is when his security guard came to the rescue. Whoever was at fault, it was Megan who was pushed towards the barricade.

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship
Megan and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in January 2022, however, rumours of tension between them started earlier this year. The couple has been seen on several dates since then. ET quoting its source said that the duo is “continuing to work through things and still going to couples therapy”.

“Megan is very adamant about keeping that consistent. It’s an absolute necessity for her in order to have them heal and move forward. They are both doing their best to make their relationship work and making an effort. She doesn’t want to draw further attention to their relationship while they are in the healing phase and just focused on each other and their families,” ET reported quoting the source.

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