Megan Fox Might Be Exactly What New Girl Needs

By admin Sep27,2023

Enter Megan Fox, the comely star of the Transformers movies whose megastardom has not quite faded to the point that the New Girl stint can’t be considered stunt casting. The show’s creator Liz Meriwether told Entertainment Weekly that she’s admired Fox’s comedic skills since her small role in 2012’s This Is 40 and that Fox is “the perfect person to come in and shake these guys up.

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If by “shake these guys up” she means “distract them with her beauty,” that’s right on—in This Is 40 and Friends With Kids and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People she’s excelled at playing the woman so beautiful men lose their senses around her.

But let’s be charitable—New Girl is headed into its fifth season, a time when any sitcom could use a change of pace, and replacing doe-eyed Deschanel with Maxim-ready Fox is a big, but inherently temporary, change.

Megan Fox was one of the biggest rising stars we had about five years ago; before she’s relegated to a future of hanging out with CGI turtles, why not give her one more chance to surprise us?

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