Kim Kardashian sees erupt from skimpy underwear in eye-popping display

By admin Sep28,2023

Kim Kardashian was once again plugging her SKIMS line and flaunted her hourglᴀss figure in the bodycon designs.

The 39-year-old founded the clothing line last year, and the collection features shape-enhancing undergarments such as sculpting bodysuits and effortless pieces of underwear.

Proving she’s the best person to model her own ensembles, Kim decided to forgo any clothing and instead opted for a skinтιԍнт lingerie set.

Snapped in her sprawling closest, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star turned up the heat as she proudly paraded her famous curves in the barely-there outfit.

Informing her fans a new mesh collection was dropping later this week, Kim decided to show off the line by slipping into a teeny tiny bra and pants.

With the sand-coloured sports bra pushing up her ᴀssets, she made sure her toned midriff was on full display thanks to the high-cut bottoms.

As ever, Kim’s make-up accentuated her delicate features, and included a pop of highlighter and a coating of matte lipstick.

The snap comes days after the star was criticised for flogging non-medical facial masks in different shades of “ɴuᴅᴇ” promoted by African-American models.

Following the announcement, many many pointed out that a black mask was advertised as a “ɴuᴅᴇ” option for a dark-skinned woman.

Kim was quickly branded “culturally out of touch” for selling the masks, and many asked why the African-American model’s colour was black and not her corresponding ɴuᴅᴇ.

The news prompted a swift backlash, with one fan calling Kim out for being “casual racist”, while another said noted the ɴuᴅᴇ shade was “offensive”.

One fumed: “The ɴuᴅᴇ shade for the black model is inaccurate, offensive, and culturally out of touch.”

“You’d think this family would know shades of black skin tones considering their kids are black too and you’d think by now they would know that this is not a black ɴuᴅᴇ tone but go off Kimberly with your profiteering on casual racism,” another pointed out.


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