Katy Perry Flaunts Revealing Outfit while Attending Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Show

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Pop stars are really are just like us!

Out little hearts could barely contain themselves after seeing Katy Perry and Mariah Carey in the same room together over the weekend, and no it isn’t for a potential duet (although I am sure we would self-combust if that were true).

Fangirl Katy Perry Sees Mariah In Las Vegas - E! Online

Apparently Katy is a super Mariah fangirl based off how many photos the pop-starlet dedicated to the singer on her Instagram.

“Lambily 4lyfe” Perry wrote as she stood wearing a pink fur sash thrown over her shoulder underneath a giant poster of Mariah at Caesars Palace.


Katy also posted a video for all 24 million of her followers to obsess over of the two starlets in very cleavage-baring dresses with the caption, “moments.”

Obviously we were living in a moment, too.

Mariah Carey and Katy Perry in cleavage-enhancing dresses in Las Vegas |  Daily Mail Online

The diva’s Mariah #1 to Infinity Vegas gig is scheduled to wrap up on July 26 and features her performing 18 of her No. 1 hits with various costume changes.

She is scheduled for more dates in February 2016, including a Valentine’s Day performance.

KATY PERRY on X: "Vegas is really feeling 🤪👀larger than life👀🤪 Come  play (and read the article) at https://t.co/Y8lxK87Se6  https://t.co/rsVliBQIeA" / X

Earlier this summer, Mariah told E! News about prepping for her Vegas debut, “It’s been mainly for me about the music and about how to incorporate the songs. Just because they were all No. 1 records doesn’t mean they all make an easy set list…a lot of ballads and up tempos. So it’s difficult to make it work seamlessly.”

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