“Rock Your Wedding Style Like a Pro: Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Bold Choices”

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During the weekend, an eventful gathering occurred in Hills as SKIMS founder Kim came to celebrate Stephanie’s wedding. There have been rumors circulating about a supposed conflict between Kim and her previous assistant Shepherd, who stepped down from her role as COO of Kardashian’s KKW company. However, Kim clarified that Shepherd chose to explore other career paths. Shepherd has been busy co-founding a non-profit organization named Future Earth, acting as the Chief Innovation Officer for Plus Body Care, and pursuing modeling and acting opportunities. Meanwhile, Stephanie exchanged vows with Larry Jackson, former Global Creative Director at Apple Music and current head of his music company, Gamma. The details of Stephanie’s dress remain unknown, but Kim looked stunning and highlighted her exceptional physique in her attire.


Kim Kardashian turned heads at her friend Stephanie Shepherd’s wedding in Beverly Hills with her bold fashion choice. The reality star’s outfit was daring and eye-catching, possibly even overshadowing the bride. It’s unclear if Stephanie was happy to share the attention on her special day.

Stay alert! The creator of SKIMS, who is 42 years old, caught everyone’s attention with her stunning appearance at Stephanie’s lavish celebration. Several renowned personalities were also in attendance, including Justin Bieber, Kris Jenner, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, Brooklyn Johnny, La La Anthony, Simon Huck, and Evan Ross, all of whom showed off their impeccable attire. Justin Bieber went for a more casual look by wearing an untucked white shirt and black pants, whereas Kris Jenner flaunted her glamorous style. On social media, Swizz Beatz shared glimpses of the reception where rapper Timbaland performed. The Haqq sisters, dressed in black floor-length gowns, looked stunning at the event as well.

Kim’s arrival at the high-profile wedding was truly breathtaking. With an air of elegance and charm, she captivated the attention of all those present. Without a doubt, her stunning appearance left everyone in awe.

Observing Kim’s lively and fervent demeanor as she visited a nearby gas station, it was apparent that her mood was optimistic and buoyant.

During the event, Kim displayed her unique and alluring fashion sense while attending with her companion LaLa Anthony. The groom, Jackson, was in the company of several acquaintances from the music industry, one of whom was the renowned producer Clive Davis, who publicly acknowledged his bisexuality through his memoir in 2013. Davis arrived at the event accompanied by his partner, Greg Schriefer, who sported a sleek black velvet tuxedo jacket and a fashionable beard. In contrast, Davis opted for a more traditional appearance with a black suit and a red-and-white striped tie. Additionally, Hailey was also in attendance at the wedding and recently confessed to being a member of the “mile-high club.”

They filmed themselves distributing snacks outside a gas station convenience store.

All eyes were on Kim as she made her way to the wedding, looking absolutely stunning. It’s safe to say that she definitely turned heads with her appearance.

Stephanie and Larry exchanged their vows in Los Angeles during the lovely month of October in 2022. The wedding ceremony was an unforgettable experience, made even more special with the attendance of Kim Kardashian, Stephanie’s previous employer.


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