Katy Perry in skimpy bikini after clothes seized by Turkish customs

By admin Oct1,2023

Quirky Katy Perry looked toned and relaxed as she showed off her hourglass figure in a simple bikini in Turkey.

The popstar looked downright normal in the blue two-piece which was without the razzle dazzle of her stage costumes.

And perhaps it was because all her glittery items have been held up in customs.

The singer, who was spotted topping up her tan alongside a mystery man, revealed on Twitter that it meant her ‘worst nightmare’ would come true after travelling to Turkey.

She tweeted: ‘My glittery new outfits r stuck @ customs in Turkey.

‘They won’t release them! My biggest nightmare is coming true. Wearing an outfit twice.’

The singer sent the tweet just hours before she was due to perform last night at the True Blue Open Air Venue in the capital Istanbul.

She left for Turkey on Monday and it was not clear if her costumes had been released on time.

But she did tell followers: ‘AND I have a boat for a dressing room.’

One thing the Waking Up In Vegas singer has not tweeted about are the tender moments she has spent poolside with an unknown companion.


Her rather portly, bearded friend seemed to tenderly reach out a hand to touch her back as they read magazines in the sunshine at her hotel.

But Katy did reveal on Twitter how she had been spending her time in the country – apart from topping up her tan in a skimpy blue bikini.

Katy Perry's Turkish Bikini Holiday

‘Feeding a stray kitty in Turkey! Some things never change. He might need some shots tho…’ and said she had been offered some Turkish Delight sweets by her bus driver.

Referring to The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, where Edmund is offered the treats by the White Witch, she writes: ‘Listen, I’ve read the book & seen the movie, witch!’

The singer is a big fan of the social networking site and recently posted a picture of herself eating pizza naked in the bath.

She revealed to fans she was sick in bed with flu and then recounted all the foods she loved to eat, many of them fattening, and said that they turned her on.

But the slender star appears to have been holding off on them for now, as she looked as bikini-body ready as ever.

Katy wears huge sunglasses and a blue two-piece poolside in Turkey

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