Katy Perry is a technicolour dreamboat in PVC underwear

By admin Oct1,2023

She has never been one to fade into the background.

And Katy Perry certainly stands out in the promotional pictures from her new album, ‘Teenage Dream.’

Wearing a bright blue wig and PVC underwear, the singer is likely to achieve a place in the thoughts of adolescent boys everywhere, as the album title suggests.

Katy Perry in promo shots for her new single Teenage dream

Bright and bold: Katy Perry shows off her enviable figure in PVC underwear in new promotional pictures for her new album, Teenage Dream


In another photo Perry, wearing a cropped tasselled T-shirt with her home state California emblazoned on the front and leather hot-pants, she looks like a hippy Barbie of the future.

She even shows off the upper arm tattoo that matches her fiancé Russell Brand’s.

When talking about the making of the album,which was done with the help of mega-star producers such as Dr Luke and Max Martin, Perry suggests that she had to fight to get what she wanted.


‘I’m in the studio fighting with them to change the melody, or I’m fighting for the best lyric at all times,’ she said in a recent interview with Billboard.

‘I think we rewrote “Teenage Dream” five times for 10 days straight. On the last day, I was so happy to finally get somewhere that we all agreed on.’

Katy Perry in promo shots for her new single Teenage dream 

Hippy chic: The California Gurls singer combines flowers in her hair with leather hot pants


Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

Of her upcoming nuptials to Brand and subsequent bachelorette party, Katy’s best friend, singer Rihanna, said: ‘It’s so much pressure. Her wedding is probably going to be the best wedding I’ll ever go to and now I have to match the bachelorette party to that.’

‘It’s taking up way more time than my tour,’ Rihanna laughed to Access Hollywood.

Rihanna suggested: ‘I could have balloons and Disney characters there and she’ll still make it wild. That’s just Katy Perry. There’s no way around that with her.’

Katy Perry in promo shots for her new single Teenage dream

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