“Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Bootylicious Swimwear and SKIMS Collection in Latest Photoshoot After KUWTK Finale” ‎

By admin Oct1,2023

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she flaunted her stunning physique in a brand new daring bikini.


Kim Kardashian, who is 40 years old, posted pictures on Instagram wearing a revealing bikini with two sequined peach ornaments on the bust. It seems like these pictures might have been taken during one of her tropical vacations. Additionally, Kim showed off her new fur-covered Lamborghini from her Hidden Hills mansion on Saturday.

Kim shared a photo on Instagram where she can be seen enjoying a swim in the pool. The caption only had two peach emojis. Kim opted for a makeup-free look and flaunted her curves in a revealing swimsuit. She struck a sensual pose with her hands in her hair, looking stunning against the backdrop of a tropical setting.

During the final episode of their popular E! show, Kim Kardashian made an appearance in a bedazzled peach outfit while relaxing in a jacuzzi with Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian at their lavish VRBO in Lake Tahoe. In a recent post on social media, Kim revealed her newly-wrapped Lamborghini Urus in the cozy SKIMS fabric, causing a buzz among fans.

Despite criticism, she persisted in showing off her extravagant wealth on Saturday morning by stating that her company had “gifted” her the Lamborghini. She even captioned her post with a pun: “Kimmy had a little lamb-bo.” She proudly showed off the car’s unique features such as a fur embossed license plate and the company’s name carved into the seats. She seemed to be in awe of her new possession and couldn’t help but exclaim how amazing it was.

Social media platforms Twitter and Instagram buzzed with reactions when the billionaire first revealed her car. Some users joked that it resembled the dog van from the movie Dumb and Dumber, while others wondered if she had too much money on her hands. A user even asked if the car was made of towels and questioned how she managed to use it when it rained. The comments section was also filled with concerns about the perceived wet dog smell of the car.

Several commenters questioned the necessity of the car, with some going as far as to call it a waste of money. Criticisms of the poster’s wealth continued, with some questioning why they would risk damaging such an expensive vehicle. Others pointed out the stark wealth disparity in America, highlighting the irony of dressing up a car while people struggle to afford basic necessities like food and clothing. These comments demonstrate a clear discomfort with the flaunting of extreme wealth in the face of widespread poverty and inequality.


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