Kim Kardashian showcases her Sєxy figure in a string ʙικιɴι while hinting at a new romance following her unsuccessful marriage with Kanye West and recent split from Pete Davidson.

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Kim Kardashian reveals she is ‘manifesting’ a new relationship while also dancing in a string ʙικιɴι on Season 4 of The Kardashians.

The season started with a brief montage of footage from both the premiere and future episodes, including a mysterious sH๏τ of Kim seemingly in front of the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.

‘I can manifest like a motherf***er, guys, so watch out world,’ Kim says while seemingly on her private plane, while showing her posing for pH๏τos in front of the famous 24-hour chapel.

She also took some scintillating thirst trap ʙικιɴι pH๏τos by the pool during the family’s luxurious vacation, where they stayed at the home of fashion designer James Perse.

Kim’s ‘manifesting’ a new man comes after her failed marriage to Kanye West and her nine-month relationship with Pete Davidson.

The thirst-trap pH๏τo talk started during dinner the night before, where Khloe says, ‘I need people to know that I’m single,’ while Kris adds, ‘I think you need a great pH๏τo.’

Kim adds, ‘You know what we need for that? We need a ʙικιɴι pic tomorrow. We’ll look so H๏τ and we’ll just say, “Tell us you’re single without telling us you’re single.”

The next morning they’re seen taking several ʙικιɴι snaps by the pool, which the sisters posted on Instagram back in late March.

‘We always love going on family trips. We love being together, we love just being silly. We’re doing nothing, but it’s so much fun. So we wanna take a couple thirst trap pH๏τos, just why not?’ Khloe says in confession.

Kim and Kylie are both wearing very similar (if not identical) black string ʙικιɴιs as the pH๏τographer says, ‘You guys look like twins.’

Kendall comes running down in another black ʙικιɴι, while Kylie says in confession with Kendall, ‘These are our years, Kendall. I’m 25, you’re like 30,’ which offends Kendall.

‘Kylie, that is so rude. I’m 27. I have two more good years in me,’ Kendall says, as Kylie adds, ‘You’re basically 30, so when I turn 27 you can call me 30 too… but you’ll be 40 by that time.’

All four of the sisters pose on the stone steps, with Kim, Kendall and Kylie in black ʙικιɴιs and Khloe in a black one-piece, while Kendall won’t let it go, adding, ‘I’m literally 22 months older than you.’

While Kim hasn’t been officially seeing anyone after breaking it off with comedian Pete Davidson and her divorce from Kanye West, she did hint last season she was possibly considering dating a mystery man in New York City.

Back in the third episode of The Kardashians Season 3, Kim was having dinner with Scott, when she opened up about the man they called, ‘Fred.’

Kim reveals that her friends wanted her to meet someone recently, and they went to New York… though they censored the name of Kim’s, ‘spot’ that she goes to that has, ‘a private room downstairs.’

They show headlines speculating Kim was spotted sneaking out of a New York City H๏τel after visiting with her ex Pete Davidson, but she insists Pete wasn’t there.

‘But it was the place I would go and have my secret dinners with Pete and he’s probably like, I know what she’s up to,’ Kim jokes.

Scott says he won’t even ask who the man is, instead calling him, ‘Fred,’ asking if he, ‘meets the standards?’

‘Oh, so meets the standards, yeah,’ Kim says, as they show Kim in confession, smiling while texting someone that she ultimately confirms is, ‘Fred.’

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