“Kim Kardashian’s New Beauty Venture: Discovering the SKKN Skincare Line”

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Kim Kardashian has introduced new products from her beauty brand, SKKN, to celebrate the start of autumn. The 42-year-old entrepreneur revealed the Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush in a promotional campaign. She showed off the skincare products, wearing a comfortable outfit consisting of a satin crop top and sweats. Kim’s natural beauty was on full display with minimal makeup, letting the face mask take center stage.


The latest: Kim Kardashian got into the fall season as she revealed the upcoming products from her skincare brand SKKN

Kim Kardashian recently teased her fans with a glimpse of the autumn-inspired products that are set to be released from her SKKN skincare line. It’s clear that she’s excited about the new collection!

Stunner: The businesswoman, 42, announced SKKN's Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush

Kim Kardashian, a successful entrepreneur at the age of 42, has recently introduced her latest product, the SKKN Resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Treatment Brush. She shared photos of herself covered in pumpkin seeds while showcasing her new product. The exfoliating mask is developed using cutting-edge biotechnology and is set to launch on October 4th. Kim encouraged her followers to join the waitlist through the link in her bio, which will allow them to be the first ones to shop for it. In the meantime, she took a break from filming her Super Bowl LVIII announcement commercial for Usher as the headlining act during halftime. During the shoot, she wore a vintage Chanel necklace and a pink quilted Chanel purse that she bought during her trip to Japan with her daughter North West back in August.

Skincare queen: Another images showed her with pumpkin seeds all over her face as well as her product

In a recent photo, the expert in skincare was spotted with pumpkin seeds adorning her face while holding the product that she recommends.

The brush is also coming soon to the site for purchase, used to apply the mask on the face

We have some thrilling news to share with you all! Our website will soon feature a new addition – a face mask brush for purchase. This nifty gadget will make the application process even smoother and quicker, ensuring that you can evenly apply our masks with ease. Keep an eye out for further updates!

Coming soon: She showcased her product in a number of images, also featuring white pumpkins

What’s to come: She gave a sneak peek of her products by sharing different pictures that featured white pumpkins.

October release: The product will be available on October 4

Mark your calendars for October 4th as that’s when the product will hit the market!

What a beauty: Kim posing with the brush as she is photographed applying the face mask

As Kim applies a face mask, she looks absolutely stunning and confident while holding the brush like a work of art. The Chanel necklace that she recently purchased is a rare piece that was introduced during the 1995 spring ready-to-wear collection. It features gold-toned hardware, multi-colored stones, and teardrop pearls. The necklace was famously adorned by supermodel Shalom Harlow during the runway show, where she paired it with a teal crop top, skirt, chain belt, and pink tote. This same necklace also made an appearance in the popular movie Barbie, where Margot Robbie wore it with a pink heart pendant and hot pink mini dress, alongside a heart-shaped Chanel purse. Kim bought this rare Chanel item from a vintage store called Vintage Ecoland in Nagoya, Japan, during her summer vacation with her daughter North West. She also purchased a pink Chanel mini vanity handbag from the same store. Kim shared her shopping experience on her Instagram stories, tagging the store and posing with the owner. She even kissed the camera while holding the necklace on her handbag and captioned it as “OMG best shopping ever in Japan!! I’m in my barbie bag at @vintage_ecoland.” Recently, Kim showed off her purchase by pairing the necklace with a skintight white crop top and high-waisted ripped denim bottoms by Balenciaga for her Friday afternoon shoot. She completed her look with blue heels, pink lipstick, and soft brown smokey eye makeup.

Looking great: Kim was seen taking a break from filming her Super Bowl announcement commercial for Usher as the headlining act during halftime

Looking great: Kim was seen taking a break while filming the Super Bowl commercial for Usher’s halftime show.

She's an icon: The stunning star, 42, was wearing THE famous Chanel necklace - the exact one Margot Robbie wore in the 2023 movie Barbie - during her shoot on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles

Oh my goodness, she’s an absolute icon! The stunning performer, who’s in her forties, had the iconic Chanel necklace on at her photo session in sunny Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon. It’s the same necklace that Margot Robbie wore in the 2023 movie Barbie.

In character: Margot Robbie wore the exact necklace in the film Barbie

Margot Robbie accessorized her outfit with the identical necklace that appeared in the film Barbie.

Movie history: In the movie, Margot wore the exact necklace - with an added pink heart pendant attached to it - along with a hot pink mini dress and heart shaped Chanel purse; Margot  - as Barbie - wearing the necklace while chatting with Ken - played by Ryan Gosling

While shooting for a movie, Margot sported a necklace that looked exactly like the original one, except that it had an additional pink heart pendant. She teamed it up with a hot pink mini dress and a heart-shaped Chanel purse. In her character as Barbie, Margot was spotted wearing this necklace while chatting with Ken, played by Ryan Gosling.

Fashion baby: Kim found and purchased the rare Chanel item from the vintage show called Vintage Ecoland in Nagoya, Japan

Kim has developed a new passion for fashion and was delighted to find a unique Chanel piece while browsing at a vintage exhibition in Nagoya, Japan. She was able to purchase the item from Vintage Ecoland store and appreciated how rare and exceptional it was.

In the clip, Kim calls Usher while he's in the studio to tell him

He's the chosen Super Bowl halftime show performer

In a recent video, Kim made a surprise appearance during Usher’s studio session to deliver some exciting news – he’s been selected as the performer for the Super Bowl halftime show! It was just announced on Sunday that Usher will be headlining the halftime show presented by Apple Music, which is set to take place on February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. Kim played a role in the announcement, calling Usher during his studio time to break the news. To promote the event, Kim and her hairstylist Chris Appleton were featured in a promotional ad where she can be seen sporting a chic white t-shirt, a Chanel necklace, and a deep part hairstyle.

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