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Angelina Jolie has been tirelessly promoting her latest film, Unbroken, in recent weeks and continues to do so with the latest press conference held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City. The actress was joined by co-star Jack O’Connell as they discussed their World War II drama, which follows the true story of prisoner of war survivor Louis Zamperini. Jolie looked stunning in a white dress with capped sleeves as she answered questions about her second directorial effort.

Radiant: Angelina Jolie looked amazing at the Unbroken press conference held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City on Thursday

Angelina Jolie was a vision of beauty during the Unbroken press conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City. The actress, who recently got married to Brad Pitt, had a bridal-inspired look with her white outfit. Her dress featured a scooped neckline and intricate detailing under the bust that perfectly showcased her tattoos. Angelina’s natural makeup highlighted her gorgeous bone structure, while her tumbling waves of brunette locks completed her stunning appearance.

Bridal chic: The actress and humanitarian opted for a simple all-white number with a scooped neckline

The humanitarian and actress went for a bridal chic look, donning a plain white outfit with a neckline that scoops down.

Natural beauty: Angelina sported a matte base with  soft brown eyeshadow on her lids and  pale pink lips

Angelina showcased her natural beauty with a flawless matte foundation and soft brown eyeshadow that gracefully highlighted her eyelids. Her pale pink lips added a delicate touch to her overall look.

Chic: The mother who has six kids keeps it simple with a thick gold bracelet and rectangular-shaped earrings to complement her look.

Narrow escape: The star was reportedly involved in a minor car accident last Sunday when her chauffeur-driven car blew out two tires after hitting the curb during heavy rain

The celebrity had a close call recently when the car she was riding in, driven by her chauffeur, hit the curb during a heavy rainstorm and blew out two tires. Fortunately, it was only a minor accident. While all of this was happening, her spouse Brad was occupied with promoting his latest war movie. He attended a screening and Q&A session for Fury at Pacific Design Center in California. The handsome actor looked sharp in a stylish suit and wore tinted glasses to complete his look.

Oscar ambitions: Angelina has admitted she would love to receive a Best Director nomination

Angelina Jolie has expressed her desire to be nominated for the Best Director category at the Oscars.

Emotional: The star says the experience of screening the film to its subject, Louis Zamperini, on his deathbed earlier this year was 'extraordinary'

Emotional: The star says the experience of screening the film to its subject, Louis Zamperini, on his deathbed earlier this year was 'extraordinary'

Expressive: The celebrity recounts the incredible moment of showing Louis Zamperini, the subject of the movie, a screening of it while he was on his deathbed earlier this year, describing it as an unforgettable and astounding experience.

Hollywood breakout: Leading man Jack O'Connell joined Angelina at the press event

The newest sensation in Hollywood, Jack O’Connell, made an appearance alongside Angelina Jolie at a recent media gathering.

Big things ahead: The 24-year-old star has come a long way since playing rebellious teen Cook in E4's Skins

Big things ahead: The 24-year-old star has come a long way since playing rebellious teen Cook in E4's Skins

Exciting opportunities on the horizon: The young, talented star has made significant progress since portraying the rebellious adolescent Cook in E4’s Skins.

World War II drama: Fury, directed by David Ayer, also stars Logan Lerman (centre) and Jon Bernthal (right)

Diligent duo: As Angelina was busy in the bustling city of New York, Brad Pitt was also occupied attending a screening of Fury in California.

World War II drama: Fury, directed by David Ayer, also stars Logan Lerman (centre) and Jon Bernthal (right)

The movie Fury, directed by David Ayer, is a gripping tale set in World War II. Along with its talented cast, including Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal, it promises to be an intense and emotional viewing experience.

Smart casual: Brad was dressed in jeans, a blazer and a black cowboy had for the Q&A

Brad’s outfit for the Q&A was a smart casual look consisting of jeans, a blazer, and a black cowboy hat. Later in the day, Angelina changed into a gorgeous but uncomplicated outfit as she co-hosted a Supper at Porter House with Jodie Foster and Peggy Siegal. She chose to wear smart trousers and a plain black top, paired with a timeless white blazer. To complete her look, she wore hot pink lipstick and applied taupe eyeshadow on her eyelids, with a bold stroke of liquid eyeliner.

A-list pals: Angelina was joined by Panic Room actress Jodie Foster at the presentation

Beaming with joy: The gorgeous celebrity stole the show at the Porter House gathering held on Thursday night.

A-list pals: Angelina was joined by Panic Room actress Jodie Foster at the presentation

Angelina’s presentation was attended by her famous friend and Panic Room co-star, Jodie Foster.

Taking to the mic: The mother-of-six addressed the crowd after a special screening of Unbroken

Stepping up to the microphone, the woman who is a proud mother of six children spoke to the audience following an exclusive showing of the film Unbroken.

Guest of honour: Louis Zamperini's son Luke (far right) was in attendance and given a special mention by Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts (far left) and Universal chief Ron Meyer (centre left)

Luke Zamperini, the son of Louis Zamperini, was present at the event as a special guest and was acknowledged by Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts and Universal chief Ron Meyer.

Good company: Angelina posed alongside Unbroken actors Finn Wittrock (left) and Miyavi (right)

Angelina stood next to her co-stars from the movie Unbroken, Finn Wittrock and Miyavi, and they all looked like they were having a great time together. The atmosphere was one of good company and comradery, as they smiled for the camera.

Monochrome madness: Jodie and Angelina kept to a chic colour scheme of black and white

Jodie and Angelina stuck to a stylish monochrome theme of black and white. Later in the day, Angelina showed her compassion by kneeling down to talk to a fan who had suffered a panic attack. The UNHCR ambassador and humanitarian was visiting the set of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in New York City when she came across the supporter, who was bundled up in warm clothes. Despite the risk of getting her black satin-side trousers dirty, the actress walked over, knelt down, and comforted the distressed fan.

On their level: Angelina didn't mind kneeling on the dirty ground to get eye-level with her fan and pose for photos

The performer went down to the ground to match the height of a follower who asked for a snapshot while outside The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’s filming location.

Dedicated to her fans: The 39-year-old mother-of-six yet again revealed her generous and caring nature when she encountered the supporter - bundled up in winter wear - and stopped to pose for a photo

Angelina Jolie once again showcased her kind-heartedness towards her fans during an encounter with a supporter. The 39-year-old mother-of-six stopped to console the fan who was bundled up in winter wear and even held on to the camera to pose for a photo. Angelina looked elegant as usual, wearing pretty trousers with a white button-up coat, black high heels, and a gold beaded bracelet. During her appearance on Comedy Central, she wore her brunette locks down in loose curls, and her flawless complexion shone with minimal makeup except for her signature eyeliner. The host of the show, Jon Stewart, appeared to be entranced by her beauty and confessed to admiring her for decades, having seen every film she has ever made. While jokingly discussing what could have been if Angelina had ended up with him instead of Brad Pitt, Jon revealed that he believed Angelina had immense talent since the day he met her twenty years ago.

Gorgeous: Angelina looked her usual elegant self, stylishly donning a pair of black trousers with satin side panels, a sleek white button-up coat, black high heels and a gold beaded bracelet

Angelina Jolie looked stunning in her usual elegant style during a screening of her movie Unbroken, where she discussed documenting the life of WWII POW Louis Zamperini with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. During the interview, Angelina expressed the challenges of telling Zamperini’s story and how his life is greater than any movie that could be made about him. Despite feeling caught off guard after being given the directorial role, her film is now considered a strong contender for the upcoming Academy Awards. Stewart praised the movie as both “wonderful” and “epic,” and even expressed his admiration for Angelina’s unique and special qualities.

Natural beauty: For her appearance on the Comedy Central programme, the two-time Oscar winner wore her brunette locks down and let her flawless complexion shine with minimal makeup aside from eyeliner

The Comedy Central show featured the stunning natural beauty of the award-winning actress, who chose to wear her brown hair loose and showcase her flawless skin with just a touch of eyeliner.

A-list star: Angelina was greeted by hoards of fans outside the The Daily Show studios

Angelina Jolie was warmly greeted by a swarm of fans outside The Daily Show studios as she continues to promote her upcoming drama film set to hit US theaters on December 25 and UK theaters on December 26. Although scheduled to appear on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the interview was cancelled due to the arrival of Fallon’s second child with his wife, Nancy, who was born via surrogate. Angelina, a mother of six, understands the importance of family and congratulated the couple. Angelina and her husband Brad Pitt recently tied the knot in August and returned to work on the Malta set of their upcoming romance film By the Sea soon after. The film, written and directed by Jolie, is scheduled for theaters in 2015.

Her other half: Angelina - seen Tuesday at a screening of new film Unbroken - was without her husband actor Brad Pitt, whom she married on August 23 at their French estate, the Château Miraval. The couple have six children together

Angelina Jolie, who tied the knot with her longtime partner Brad Pitt on August 23 at their Château Miraval estate in France, was spotted without her significant other at a movie screening of her latest film, Unbroken, on Tuesday. The couple, who are parents to six children, were not seen together at the event.

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