Katy Perry Debuts Eye-Catching Beer Can Bra at Las Vegas Residency

By admin Oct5,2023

Katy Perry has shown off her unique fashion sense during the debut performance of her Las Vegas residency, where she performed in a beer can bra that dispensed beer.

On Wednesday, the pop star performed the first show of her residency at the Resorts World Theatre, where she appeared on stage in multiple extravagant outfits.

See All of Katy Perry's Show-Stopping Las Vegas Residency Looks

However, despite performing alongside a number of over-the-top stage props, including a giant surgical face mask and an oversized orange toilet, it was Perry’s silver dress that has garnered the most attention – as it also included a refreshment for the singer.

Katy Perry Stuns in Beer Can Bra, Silver Mini Dress & Boots for 'Play' –  Footwear News

The dress, which was made up of hundreds of metal can tabs, featured multiple crumpled beer cans, while the bra consisted of two smashed aluminum cans.

The metal accessories weren’t just for show, however, as videos taken of the performance show the Dark Horse singer telling the audience that she could “really use a drink right now” before popping open one of the bra beer cans and pouring the liquid into a large beer mug.

After filling the oversize glass with beer, to loud cheering from the crowd, Perry then drank the beverage on stage.

Katy Perry earns rave reviews for her 'highly camp' Las Vegas residency |  Daily Mail Online

On social media, the eccentric fashion moment, which took place while Perry engaged in a conversation with the talking face mask, entertained viewers.

“Not only is she talented and gorgeous but she’s also resourceful,” one person wrote on TikTok, while someone else said: “She’s so iconic.”

Another person joked that the outfit gave a “whole new meaning to pop top”.

Katy Perry wows in a sexy array of outfits for her first-ever Las Vegas  residency - Internewscast Journal

Not everyone was a fan of the look, however, as one person shared their distaste for the outfit on Twitter, where they wrote: “Words can’t express how much I hate these photos of Katy Perry lactating beer into a cup.”

During the debut performance of her Play residency, Perry also took to the stage wearing a red latex bodysuit, complete with red fringe pants and a mushroom-shaped hat, a hot pink and white striped dress, which she paired with white go-go boots, and a black and white wrap dress, which she wore while performing alongside the oversized toilet bowl and rolls of toilet paper.

Katy Perry 'lactates' beer out of her sexy bra dress during the opening  night of her Vegas residency | Daily Mail Online

The singer’s extravagant choices were unveiled after she previously revealed during an appearance on Good Morning America that the set and props for the residency were designed to be “fun”.

“A lot of my shows have been figuratively larger than life, but I play a doll in this show, so everything is like, three times the size of me,” she said of the 16-show residency. “It’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids meets Pee-wee’s Playhouse, but we knew what our audience is. People are here to have fun, people are here to let loose.”

Katy Perry 'lactates' beer out of her sexy bra dress during the opening  night of her Vegas residency | Daily Mail Online

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