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Megan Fox hopped on Instagram to address backlash to a GoFundMe page she posted on behalf of her friend. Megan posted the page earlier this week to give her followers an opportunity to donate, leaving many people wondering (some pretty rudely!) why she wasn’t giving the full amount—or a large donation—herself.

In response, Megan wrote “hey weirdos. do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe brit doesn’t want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable? so instead she asked me to post the gofundme so that many people could donate small amounts of money to help them reach their goal.”

Megan went on to add, “i just obliged her request anything she needs from me personally she will ask and i will do it privately. one thing you’re not going to accuse me of it being miserly or lacking generosity. so try again on another day (probably tmrw!) with some different bullsнιт you bunch of psychos.”

Megan makes a good point, tbh! And she isn’t the only celebrity who’s been called out for posting their friends’ GoFundMe campaigns. Kylie Jenner posted one on behalf of her makeup artist, and fans were quick to point out that she’s a billionaire who could have covered the entire cost herself.

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