Katy Perry, the Cat Enthusiast, Felt Isolated Without a Furry Companion During Her New Single’s Shoot

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Cat lover Katy Perry was feline very lonely without a moggie during the shoot for her new single – so she got her “people” to buy her a kitten.

The Roar star – who turns 29 today – was working on the set of Unconditional at Stratford Old Town Hall in East London when she started pining for her pet puss Kitty Purry, who is relaxing back at home in California.

So flunkies brought her a ginger and white pussy – which she called Russell.

Katy Perry bought kitten by her team for one day - Mirror Online

A source on the set reveals: “Katy is a cat fanatic. She absolutely adores them.

“She was talking about them a lot on the set and finally asked her management if they could find her one.

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“During filming, there are always lots of breaks and, at times, Katy looked really bored and she was saying she had nothing to do.

“It didn’t take long before a kitten was found and brought on set. And Katy happily played with it for about half an hour.

Kitty Perry! Katy displays her purrfect dance routine alongside a giant purple cat | Daily Mail Online

“Before giving it back, she named it Russell – which everyone assumed was after ex-husband Russell Brand.”

A spokesman for the star’s record label confirmed she had asked for the pet because she was missing her own.

Nombres de gatos de famosos: Morrisey, Krusty The Cat y Kitty Purry, los gatos de Katy

But he insisted it was christened Prism – which just happens to be the name of her new album. The I Kissed A Girl star has since flown back to LA and appeared at a bash wearing a fetching tin foil outfit (above left), leaving the Brit kitty behind. And her spokesman has not commented on its whereabouts. So the poor thing is assumed missing.

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My insider adds: “When Katy finished playing with the puss everyone was cooing over it. One of the dancers expressed an interest in giving it a home but no one is sure if the offer was taken up.”

Three days after Katy’s kitty request, she performed on The X Factor… dressed as a ginger and white cat.

She is now promoting Prism, her fourth studio album, which is set to top the charts on Sunday. Her Roar video has enjoyed 150 million hits so far.

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