Kim Kardashian faces ridicule after suggesting she ‘discovered’ Kourtney, despite being her sister

By admin Oct6,2023

ImageKim Kardashian thought that she could get away with changing the caption to a social media post but her eagle-eyed fans had already spotted her epic fail

Kim Kardashian has been mocked by fans after she posted a series of pH๏τos of her with sister Kourtney, wearing ʙικιɴιs in the sea.

While this doesn’t seem unusual for the 40-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, it was her caption to the social media post which had her fans replying in droves at her faux pas.

For many, there didn’t seem anything untoward with her comment as she described what was happening with Kourtney, 41.

Kim wrote: “Kourtney lost her earring in the ocean so I helped her find it.”

She was soon being called out though, as it seems that this was not her original caption and she had changed it after getting flak online


Kim Kardashian mocked by fans for claiming she ‘found Kourtney’ when they are sisters

In the comments, dozens of fans posted screensH๏τs of her original caption and this led to more questioning the reality star about it.

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