“Stylish White Outfit and Toned Midriff: Kim K’s Office Look with Hairstylist Chris Appleton in LA”

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Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving her Los Angeles office in the company of her hairdresser and make-up artist, flaunting her trademark glamorous look. The 42-year-old entrepreneur rocked a white crop top and matching pants, showcasing her toned physique with poise and grace. This sighting took place prior to the premiere of the fourth season, which included a heated argument with her elder sister, Kourtney, regarding her D&G collection. Kim even involved Kourtney’s kids and friends in the dispute, informing her sister that they were worried about her. Nonetheless, it appeared to be business as usual for the mother-of-four on Wednesday, as she left the office with her glam squad.

Glam squad: Kim Kardashian looked as glamorous as ever as she stepped out of her Los Angeles office with her hairdresser and make-up artist


As she stepped out of her Los Angeles office, Kim Kardashian radiated her iconic elegance and fashion sense, accompanied by her loyal beauty crew who made sure that she looked perfect. Her hair specialist and cosmetic expert were present to ensure that she maintained her stunning appearance, as she always does.

Stepping out: The business mogul, 42, showcased her incredible gym-honed physique in a tiny white crop top and matching trousers for the outing

At the age of 42, Kim Kardashian, a successful businesswoman, showed off her toned body in an elegant white crop top and matching trousers during her recent outing. With soft waves in her hair and complete makeup, she looked stunning and carried a furry Louis Vuitton satchel to complement her appearance. Accompanied by her muscular hairdresser Chris Appleton, who wore a tight-fitted white vest top with black jeans, the duo was seen chatting while walking together before airing their new reality show’s first episode. However, viewers also witnessed the feud between Kim and Kourtney deepening as they viewed clips of what they had said about each other in season three. Kim admitted that it was tough, and they had previously resolved their issues but started having problems again after watching the show’s edits. In one of the clips, Kourtney criticized Kim’s decision to take the Dolce gig, labeling it as “greedy.”

Rough: The sighting came ahead of the season four premiere, which saw her ugly feud with older sister Kourtney over her D&G collection turn even more bitter

Prior to the release of season four, there was a glimpse of the younger sibling. The program showcased a heated disagreement between her and her elder sister Kourtney, which worsened over her D&G line.

Christmas: Kim added in confession, 'Then we were over it. We had fun. You saw we did that Christmas album. We talked it out. Everything had been fine,' as they show flashbacks to those scenes

Kim disclosed in a moment of honesty that they were able to overcome the Christmas incident and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, she mentioned that they collaborated on a Christmas album and even discussed it. The episode featured some flashbacks of these heartwarming moments.

Heard: During the episode, viewers watched Kim drag Kourtney's children and friends into the row as the SKIMS owner reveals to her sister that her loved ones have been in touch with her because they are 'worried' about her

In the latest episode, Kim and Kourtney had a heated argument that involved Kourtney’s children and friends. Kim brought up concerns expressed by Kourtney’s loved ones about her behavior, which made things even more difficult for Kourtney as she watched the argument on television. In a phone conversation, Kim extended an invitation to Kourtney to join her at a dinner event in Milan as part of a contract with Dolce & Gabbana, but Kourtney declined. This led to a deeper issue of jealousy and possession over something that Kourtney considered hers. Despite the conflict, both sisters were able to acknowledge their emotions and agreed to have a conversation about it.

Solo: Viewers watched as relations between Kim and Kourtney deteriorated further, after they both watched clips of what they said about each other on season three

During the third season of Alone, viewers could observe the deterioration of the bond between Kim and Kourtney as they watched clips of the siblings expressing their grievances about each other in a negative manner.

Call: They show the call from three days earlier, showing Kim at her house calling Kourtney, telling her that, 'as part of this Dolce contract, I have to go back to Milan to do a dinner to launch my campaign that I shot'

In a recent conversation, Kim informed Kourtney that she had to travel to Milan for her contract with Dolce to launch her campaign. However, things took a sour turn when Kourtney accused Kim of being egotistical and disliking her appearance. Kim tried to clarify that it was only about the clothes and that 90s looks weren’t unique, but Kourtney didn’t agree. The talk then shifted to Kourtney’s wedding, where Kim allegedly complained and didn’t seem pleased for her. Kim was baffled as to why Kourtney held such animosity towards her, but Kourtney maintained that she no longer wished to be a part of their group.

Missing the point: 'If anything, I was like, I don't like - and I told Khloe - I don't like your look, I don't like this, like, if it was visually, it was not my thing and I tried to do everything to stay away from that, but even like you said¿' Kim says, as Kourtney retorts, 'Like, you're missing the point'

Misunderstanding: Kim confesses to Khloe that she expressed her dislike for Khloe’s appearance and attempted to avoid the topic altogether. Kourtney interjects, clarifying that Kim is missing the central point of the matter.

Hate: 'No I want you to dig deep and figure out why you hate me so much and why you're so angry with me because all of this never happened! I was so happy for you!' Kim insists, but Kourtney says, 'No you weren't'

During a tense exchange, Kim confronts Kourtney about her animosity towards her and asks her to explain why she is so angry. However, Kourtney refuses to accept that Kim was happy for her and accuses her of being self-absorbed. Kim then reveals that Kourtney’s friends have been complaining about her to the family, leading them to create a group chat called “Not Kourtney,” which confuses her. Kourtney brushes off the chat and claims that she doesn’t care what others think of her. Kim expresses concern for Kourtney’s well-being, but Kourtney insists that she is happy when she is not with them. The conversation ends with Kourtney reaffirming her dislike for Kim and her loved ones.

Narcissist: 'It's about you. You are a narcissist. It's all about you. Anything you do it's about you and how it looks to the world about you,' Kourtney says, as Kim tries to take it all in'

During their conversation, Kourtney pointed out that Kim has a tendency to focus solely on herself and how others perceive her. She went as far as accusing Kim of being a narcissist. Kim remained attentive and listened to what Kourtney had to say.

Happy: A defensive Kim retorts, 'All of this I just said, after you told me that I'm not happy for you,' as Kourtney adds, 'Right, so that just confirms it. I have a happy life, and the happiness comes when I get the f**k away from you guys, specifically you'

Kim justifies her actions by stating, “I only spoke my mind because you accused me of not being happy for you.” Kourtney affirms that she indeed leads a content life, but it is primarily due to her distance from the family, particularly Kim.

Concerned: Kim dabs tears from her eyes and says, 'We all are concerned. We all think that you're just really not happy'

Kim wipes the tears from her eyes and expresses her worry that her sister may be unhappy. Kourtney dismisses her concerns, revealing her self-centeredness by saying that she doesn’t care about anyone else. Kim attempts to empathize with her sister and asks if there’s anything she can do to improve her mood. However, Kourtney interrupts her and voices her frustration towards their private conversations about her. She tells them to find something better to do and even labels Kim as a witch. Kim tries to respond calmly, but Kourtney hangs up before she can finish. Later, during a confession interview, they answer awkwardly when asked if people will be surprised to see them spending time together.

Concerned: Kim adds, 'Understood. I'm concerned, but I won't be because I'm a narcissist so I'm only going to think about myself and be concerned about myself'

Kim acknowledges the situation but isn’t too concerned due to her self-centered nature as a narcissist. She primarily focuses on her own concerns and well-being.

Crickets: 'We're like, uh, crickets¿ just kidding,' Kim says calmly, though Kourtney forces a smile but doesn't laugh

During a conversation with their producer, Kim and Kourtney discussed how they felt about the edits of their show. Kourtney shared that watching them brought up many thoughts and emotions, and during the call, she felt like Kim was intentionally using everything to hurt her. They both admitted to reaching a point where they weren’t proud of their behavior. As the scene changed to Kim walking to her Range Rover, Kourtney expressed feeling a sense of hatred from her sister. She went on to reveal that the phone call was hurtful and brought back memories of the family’s tendency to say hurtful things to each other. Kourtney has been working hard to break this habit in therapy, and it really hurts her when her family treats her this way. In order to conserve her energy, she prefers being around positivity and good vibes, which is why she enjoys being in Palm Springs with her husband.

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