Katy Perry Rocks a Vintage Look at Capital FM Summertime Ball with Polka Dot Outfit and Fringed Wig

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Katy Perry was bestowed the privilege of concluding Capital FM’s Summertime Ball with an outstanding performance. With renowned artists like Cheryl Cole, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber already taking the stage, the pressure was on for Katy to deliver a memorable finale, and she did not disappoint. She rose to the occasion flawlessly, leaving the audience in awe.

Wowing the crowd: Katy's final performance was roundly praised as she closed the show at Wembley

Dressed in a vintage polka-dot attire, the singer rocked the stage with her hits like “Part of Me” and an unplugged rendition of “The One That Got Away”. The show was elevated by a team of extravagantly dressed backup dancers flaunting their neon-colored wigs.
Moreover, after the performance, the cheerful artist intended to revel in her success by indulging in an after-show romantic rendezvous with Florence + The Machine’s guitarist, Robert Ackroyd.

Katy's performance was so energetic her belt appears to have come untied on stage

Katy’s live show was filled with an incredible amount of energy that her belt seemed to have come undone while performing on stage.

Katy sported a wig as she belted out her hits included Part of Me and The One That Got Away

During her performance, Katy wore a wig while singing some of her famous songs such as “Part of Me” and “The One That Got Away.” She and her former beau first crossed paths at Coachella festival in California last April, where they had a short romance that ended just recently.

12. Katy saved her best performance of the year for Capital's Summertime Ball in... - Capital

After some time apart, Katy and her lover reignited their love when she flew to London. They have been seen on multiple outings across the city, including dinners in East London. However, following a successful performance at the Summertime Ball, Katy decided on a more relaxed date and reserved a bowling alley near Wembley for them to enjoy a casual evening.

Retro: Katy stands out from the crowd in her fifties style polka dot outfit

Katy’s fifties-inspired polka dot ensemble sets her apart from the rest. Her retro look is definitely eye-catching and unique.

Epic finale: Fans were impressed with Katy's energetic performance

Katy’s electrifying performance left fans in awe during her epic finale. According to an insider, Katy enjoys taking her dates for fun activities like bowling and skating. Despite her busy personal life, Katy’s professional career is also flourishing, and rumors suggest that she could be transitioning into feature films soon.

Katy Perry wore a polka dot two piece for her closing Summertime Ball 2012 set. -... - Capital

According to reports, the 27-year-old popstar is being considered for the role of Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s girlfriend, in an upcoming biopic about the Queen singer. Alongside Sacha Baron Cohen, who is rumored to play Mercury, Katy Perry is said to be interested in the role and would love to portray Austin, who she admires greatly. A source close to Perry revealed that the singer believes she shares a resemblance with Austin and would make an excellent complement to Baron Cohen’s performance.

Date night! Katy and Robert Ackroyd have rekindled their romance since she arrived in London, enjoying a string of dates

It’s date night for Katy and Robert Ackroyd! The couple has been spending time together since Katy’s arrival in London, reigniting their romance with a series of fun outings.

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