Kim Kardashian shows off stunning curves as she writhes around on the beach in a raunchy new shoot

By admin Oct8,2023

She’s just enjoyed a sun-soaked break in Hawaii with her boyfriend Kanye West.

And it would seem Kim Kardashian has certainly got used to the beach lifestyle, as she took to the shore for a Sєxy new shoot.

The 31-year-old star showcased her famous curves in a skimpy cutaway swimsuit as she posed for the raunchy snaps.

Reclining on the sand with her hand in her hair, Kim ensured Kanye will be the envy of men the world over thanks to the stunning pH๏τographs.

Despite posting the pictures on to her Twitter page, the brunette beauty was coy about the nature of the shoot, posing only the words ‘Night swim’ and ‘Night shoot’ next to the snaps.

Kim and Kanye have been enjoying spending some quality time together in Hawaii, and have been spotted soaking up the sun, hiking and heading out for frozen yoghurt.

But it is not all fun and lying around for the chart-topping star, as he is also busying himself by laying down tracks for his latest album, though it is unclear whether it is a new solo offering or another collaboration with Jay Z.

Although the reality star’s relationship history has been chequered with short lived flings and even briefer marriages, it would seem Kim thinks her new beau is ‘the one’.

In a recent interview the entrepreneur revealed that she sees herself with the rapper at the age of 80.

‘When this whole life is done, and it’s just the two of us sitting somewhere when we’re 80, you want to have things to talk about that you have in common,’ she told New York magazine.

‘I think that’s something maybe I didn’t value as highly as a quality I cared about in someone.’

However, before Kim and Kanye can commit to one another, there is the small matter of her divorce from her second husband Kris Humphries, following their 72-day marriage.

Radar Online has reported that Kris’ determination to see the divorce end up in court has been distressing Kim, who wanted to end it quickly.

‘Kim has told her lawyer that the case is dragging because Kris is determined to keep his name in the press and drag her name through the mud,’ a source told the site. ‘Kim is ready to get engaged to Kanye, but doesn’t want to until her divorce is finalised.’

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