“Neon Bikini, Sunny Sands and Kim Kardashian: A Birthday Bash to Remember!”

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Kim Kardashian, who faced criticism for her lavish birthday trip to The Brando Resort in Tahiti amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, has now shared more fascinating content on Instagram. She posted a slow-motion video of herself coming out of the crystal-clear waters of the island, sporting an elegant neon green bikini that perfectly highlights her curves.

Bikini babe: Kim Kardashian shared more sultry footage from her recent birthday trip with her 190million Instagram followers on Friday


Kim Kardashian has recently treated her 190million followers on Instagram with some exciting glimpses from her birthday vacation. In one of the posts, the reality TV star flaunted her enviable figure in a beautiful bikini comprising a supportive triangle top and a thong-style bottom. Kim looked stunning as she stepped out of the water and gracefully brushed away her wet locks to reveal her toned abs. She then slicked back her hair and confidently strutted towards the camera, exuding a Baywatch-inspired vibe.

A vision: In the slow motion clip, Kim emerges from the island's clear blue water in a slinky neon green bikini

Picture this: Kim arises from the crystal-clear ocean waters of the island donning a stunning neon green swimsuit that instantly attracts your attention. The relaxed atmosphere is perfectly captured in a casual video.

Subtle: The barely-there swimsuit consisted of a triangle top that gave Kardashian plenty of support and a thong-style bottom

Kim Kardashian showed off her figure in a revealing swimsuit that highlighted her curves. The bikini had a triangle top and thong-style bottom that accentuated her assets while providing support. She was seen smiling with friends in a lush green environment while adjusting her bikini bottoms. The tropical location provided a stunning backdrop for her Instagram post, which has already garnered more than a million likes.

Picturesque: Resting in the background of Kardashian's brief video were some of her party attendees and a large amount of tropical greenery

Kardashian captured a serene atmosphere in her video, featuring a lively gathering of attendees surrounded by lush greenery. The scene was simply awe-inspiring and soothing to behold.

Slow motion: Before making her way towards the shore, Kim popped up from the water and moved her soaking wet hair out of her face

Slow motion: Before making her way towards the shore, Kim popped up from the water and moved her soaking wet hair out of her face

Kim emerged from the cool water and pushed her damp hair aside before making her way to the shore. She shared several snapshots throughout the day of herself and her sisters enjoying their beach getaway with her followers. Kim wore the same neon green bikini but added a trendy khaki bucket hat, sunglasses and matching swimsuit cover-up to spice up her look. One of the photos showcased Kim posing with her sisters Kendall, Kourtney, and Khloe under an umbrella next to a luxurious resort-style pool. Additionally, Kim managed to capture some unforgettable moments of her and her loved ones playing in the ocean’s waves.

Baywatch vibes: She slicked her hair back one more time and then channeled her inner Baywatch babe as she walked towards the camera

Kim exuded confidence as she strutted towards the camera, sporting a slicked-back hairstyle reminiscent of the iconic Baywatch look. While vacationing at The Brando Resort in Tahiti, which is owned by the late Marlon Brando, she shared a photo of herself and a friend floating on the water. However, her trip has stirred up controversy as critics accused her of being insensitive to the challenges that many Americans are experiencing due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown. Kim’s Instagram post of her extravagant vacation drew mixed reactions from netizens despite her claims of feeling “humbled” and “blessed.” She defended herself by stating that all her guests underwent extensive health screenings and went through a two-week quarantine before being treated to a surprise trip to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday milestone.

Girl gang: Earlier in the day, the wife of Kanye West shared a slew of snapshots of her and her sisters hanging out by the water during the trip

A group of women, Kim Kardashian West being one of them as the spouse of Kanye West, recently posted a series of pictures capturing their enjoyable beach vacation.

Poolside style: She had on the same neon green bikini, but she accessorized her look by throwing on a kaki bucket hat, a pair of shades, and a matching swimsuit cover up

Kim displayed her stylish poolside outfit, featuring a neon green bikini paired with chic accessories like a khaki bucket hat, cool shades, and a matching swimsuit cover-up. However, her latest social media post caught her followers’ attention as she shared a heartfelt message about her extravagant celebration. While some criticized her for splurging on a luxurious vacation during the COVID-19 crisis when many people are struggling with unemployment, lack of testing, and isolation from their loved ones, Kim expressed her gratitude and humbleness for reaching the milestone of turning 40. She acknowledged that these challenging times have reminded us of what is truly important in life, and she feels thankful for each day.

Crystal clear: Kim also included some cool snaps of her, her sisters, and party guests playing around in the ocean water

With sheer happiness, Kim shared some breathtaking pictures of her, her brothers and sisters, and their buddies having a great time in crystal-clear ocean waters.

Lounging: One of them showed Kim floating on top of the water next to a pal

Kim Kardashian had a birthday celebration that she will never forget. She spent quality time with people who have positively impacted her life, and she realized the importance of being able to travel and see loved ones in a safe environment amidst the current pandemic situation. To surprise her closest circle, she organized a private island getaway after ensuring everyone underwent several health screenings and quarantined for two weeks. The celebrity shared stunning photos from her trip, including one where she floated alongside one of her companions. She also enjoyed a night swim in the ocean and participated in Sunday Service to keep the birthday festivities going.

Criticism: Kim has been heavily criticized for taking a lavish vacation amid COVID-19 when so many people are dying from COVID-19 and suffering from losing their jobs, as well as not being able to get tested or see family for long periods of time

Kim has faced backlash for her decision to go on a luxurious vacation amidst the pandemic. This move has been met with disapproval, especially since many individuals are struggling with unemployment, illness, and isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All good: She claimed in her caption that all her guests received 'multiple health screens' and quarantined two weeks before she surprised them with a trip to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday

Kim ensured the safety and well-being of her guests by conducting numerous health screenings and imposing a two-week quarantine prior to their departure to an isolated island for her 40th birthday celebration. She shared several photos on Instagram, which captured their aquatic activities, including a nighttime swim with her sister Kourtney, former personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd, and LaLa Anthony. The group swam in the water while music played, and cameras snapped pictures. Despite the pandemic and travel restrictions in California, Kim and her family spent a staggering $1 million on this extravagant trip, which included a private jet to transport them to Tahiti.

Pricey: The reported $1 million luxurious vacation comes amid the global COVID-19 and strict lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus - with her home state of California under a non-essential travel ban - a guideline which Kim and her family ignored as they jetted to Tahiti via a private jet

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and measures put in place to contain the virus, it seems that Kim Kardashian and her family chose to indulge in a lavish vacation in Tahiti. Despite the non-essential travel ban issued in their home state of California, the Kardashians reportedly spent a colossal $1 million on this trip. To everyone’s surprise, they ignored the current situation and went ahead with their plans, boarding a private jet to reach their destination.

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