Megan Fox Shares Stunning Instagram PH๏τo in Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie, Protected by a Tiger Emoji

By admin Oct9,2023

Mum-of-three Megan, 32, became a major shareholder in the lingerie firm when it went bust in 2016

ACTRESS Megan Fox has earned her stripes when it comes to pushing lingerie.

The Transformers star posted a pic on Instagram in Frederick’s of Hollywood clothes, with a tiger emoji protecting her modesty.

 The Hollywood actress used a tiger emoji to cover up her nipple

 The mum-of-three became a major shareholder of Fredrick's of Hollywood in 2016

 Megan Fox is now the brand ambᴀssador and director of Fredrick's of Hollywood

 The stunning actress shows that she has still got it in these stunning pH๏τos

 The Transformers star posted the pH๏τos advertising Fredrick's of Hollywood's lingerie

By admin

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