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2. That Windy Look:

A picture of Megan Fox caught on camera epitomises beauty in its complete and natural sense. Devoid of all makeup with her tresses blowing in the wind, she is a perfect picture of timeless beauty. Here is a picture of Megan Fox without makeup spotted in the morning after her fitness and workout regime. She is seen leaving the fitness centre in this look.

3. Look of Innocence:

With natural beauty such as hers, does one even require makeup? Coming out of a drug store sporting a simple grey T-shirt and matching hoodie with a navy green cap, Megan Fox has that natural look of innocence brought about without a touch of makeup. She has the features of looking absolutely childish, bubbly and yet sweet and stylish. This picture without makeup Megan Foxis the evidence!

4. Out for Lunch:

Megan Fox is known for her good looks and porcelain skin on and off-screen. She is one of the few actresses that doesn’t need to go out with her face full of makeup. She is often sporting a baseball cap with her hair worn loose around her shoulders; she paints a pretty picture without the paint. In this picture, Megan Fox attends with her dear ones in outings and lunches during her holiday from the work schedule.

5. Megan Fox Sans Makeup:

A natural look for stars such as Megan Fox is the best look. Megan prefers going out barefaced to let her skin rest when on her own. Photographed with their husband, Brian Austin Green, she is without makeup, but her face looks pretty and her skin fresh and radiant. Although this picture is a little older, we love this Megan Fox with no makeup look!

6. One Day at the Beach:

In the movie world, a beach is a place that showcases film stars at their stunning best, while in the real world, the beach strips stars of all their artificial beauty. For some, it would serve them well to frolic around on the beach in a movie, while for others, like Megan Fox, their natural beauty is laid bare on a nice summer’s day at the beach. Given that the popular actress adores her time on beaches and loves holidaying, this picture is about her being in the passion for doing what she loves!

7. Spectacled Look:

Though not one of her best outdoor looks, Megan Fox still looks comely without any makeup in a plain striped blouse and thick-rimmed glasses that she alone knows how to carry off. This picture has come as quite a shock in the initial days, given that we never imagined Megan Foxnomakeup in this way. However, she looks quite sweet, isn’t it!

8. Wearing Glasses:

Megan Fox is one star who knows how to wear a Plain-Jane look to perfection. With nothing except a pair of glasses on her face, which she is often photographed in, she looks pretty and smart with even sophistication. This simple picture of the actress wearing no makeup and spectacles leaves us in shock and splits! We didn’t expect this kind of public appearance from the actress-model.

9. The Naked Truth:

Her fans would not be let down if Megan Fox were to act in a movie without any makeup. She has a rare set of features that do not require the application of makeup to enhance her beauty. Her flawless skin accentuates her good looks making her perfectly natural features stand out. The picture is clicked when the actress is on her way to the shooting schedule. Her no-makeup filter face is yet quite charming and clear.

10. Hot without Makeup:

Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, and with good reason. She has proved that she is steaming hot even without any makeup. She is a classic example of natural beauty. Perhaps one of the highlights of this innate beauty is her unique shade of eyes that add prominence to her stunning features. We are in love with her sweet looks!

11. Bold Photoshoot:

In this picture without makeup, Meghan Fox is quite charming to all of us. She has broken the several stereotypes surrounding actresses with this single photoshoot. Seen, she is the actress-model boldly flaunting her no-makeup looks. Several people applauded her bold move, and some criticised it. However, we love this picture, and we can strongly say this is our favourite above all! How bold, beautiful and stylish!

12. Chilling Out in the Car:

This picture of actress Meghan Fox is seen and spotted in her car, leaving for her work and meetings. Her looks are effortless and basic, and we can understand the pattern that the actress loves keeping it comfortable. Further, we love the actress’s cute and lovely gestures to her followers and fans!

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