Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Embrace Western Style as They Ride Two Gorgeous Horses to Reveal New Perfume Partnership

By admin Oct13,2023

Kim Kardashian’s latest fragrance collaboration has sister Kendall Jenner taking the reins.

The beauty mogul, 40, and her model sister, 25, announced the Kendall collection of fragrances on Thursday, sharing glamorous snaps of the sisters hanging out with horses to promote the fresh and flowery scents, out March 25th.

Kim and Kendall looked like the queens of the desert in the sH๏τs where they both donned high fashion takes on Western chic.

The reality stars wowed wearing matching in leather corsets which accentuated their already awe-inspiring curves via structured silhouette as they posed besides two stunning black Friesian horses.

Continuing the cowboy-chic effect, they added tan jonpers, knee high boots and supple leather gloves.

In another set of sH๏τs, the ladies got close while kneeling on the straw-covered ground and letting their hair cascade over there shoulders in sensual waves while clutching onto the beautiful bottles of fragrance.

They both donned dramatic bronzer and full lips for a sunkissed, outdoorsy look.

Kim explained how the three new scents were inspired by Kendall’s ‘love of the outdoors and horseback riding,’ noting that the collection is ‘so different than anything that we’ve ever done before for KKW Fragrance.’

‘Kendall has completely different scents than me,’ she went on. ‘They’re so luxe and rich! Everyone that smells them has become addicted to these.’

‘Olive, Amber and Blue Roan in our popular 30ML bottles. The range is both universal and unique, and I can’t wait for everyone to smell them!’

The girls showcased a pair of darker leather looks while talking about their creative process on Instagram.

Kim wowed in a ʙuттoned up bustier and red gloves as she wrote: ‘Kendall came into our brainstorms with an incredible vision for what she wanted to bring to life in the look and feel of these perfumes and I’m so proud of what we’ve created in our first collaboration.’

Kendall, meanwhile, looked sharp in a well-tailored jacket as she shared: ‘I’ve always had a pᴀssion for fragrances and it was meaningful to experience the creative process with someone I admire like Kim.

‘The smells immediately transport me to a beautiful spring day out on my horses with the aroma of fresh air and hints of flowers blooming around me.’

Kim seems to be focusing on business ventures and family as her divorce from Kanye West plays out behind the scenes. Yesterday she was seen celebrating brother Rob Kardashian’s birthday with their inner circle.

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