Megan Fox Wears Alluring Lace Lingerie in Intimate Bed Scene alongside Jason Statham in Newest ‘Expendables 4’ Trailer

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Megan Fox is the the real star of the ‘Expendables 4’ trailer that came out Aug. 23. She left little to the imagination in a Sєxy scene with one of her co-stars.

Megan Fox fans should be very excited for Expend4bles based on the new trailer. The 37-year-old actress makes her debut in the fourth film of the action franchise and has a super Sєxy moment with co-star  co-star Jason Statham in the final moment of the trailer released August 23. After all the action-packed footage, the trailer shows Megan wearing red lace lingerie while laying in bed with Jason, 56. The brunette bombshell has her hand over Jason’s bare stomach, and her H๏τ body angled towards the camera. The rated R warning is appropriately flashed on the scene during the snippet of Megan and Jason’s H๏τ scene.

Megan Fox

Megan is playing Gina, a CIA agent and girlfriend to Jason’s character Lee Christmas, in Expendables 4 which comes out September 22. In addition to her lingerie scene, Megan also holds a gun as she heads into battle with all the men in the new trailer. Another scene shows her flipping a man onto the ground with her legs, and then brutally shooting him in the head with no remorse. Machine Gun Kelly‘s fiancée has on a black top and latex black pants in those thrilling action scenes.

The first Expend4bles trailer that dropped in June featured another Sєxy moment between Megan and Jason. Their characters’ cat-and-mouse conversation turns into a pᴀssionate fight. They wrestle on the couch and even plow through the wall, and afterwards Megan is laying on the floor on her back while Jason straddles her and moves his head down her body. No wonder this film is rated R!

Megan Fox

The Expendables franchise debuted in 2010. Sylvester Stallone co-wrote it with David Callaham and also starred in its leading role as well as directed it.The Rocky star also served as a writer for the two sequels, but is back to acting in his role as Barney Ross for the fourth. Expend4bles also stars 50 Cent as Easy Day, Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen, Randy Couture as Toll Road, Andy Garcia as Marsh, and Iko Uwais as Suarto.

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