Kim Kardashian receives backlash from critics for repeatedly posing in the same ‘boring’ manner while flaunting her slender figure in recent pH๏τographs.

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CRITICS of the Kardashian family have blasted Kim for the same ‘boring’ pose as she showed off her skinny frame in new pH๏τos.

In the new snaps posted on Instagram, Kim poses for the camera by doing a kissy face and putting up two peace signs behind a cement wall.



The reality star took to her Instagram profile on Wednesday to post a series of snaps in a silver bra and skirt.

The mother of four accessorized with a waist chain and a plated necklace for her glamorous shoot.

She posed on a dramatic staircase and against a plain gray wall, later showing off her ʙuтт with an over-the-shoulder sH๏τ.

Kim captioned her post with kiss and peace sign emojis, leaving fans to flock to the comments with their compliments.

The kissy face is a signature pose of the reality TV star, but many critics find it ‘boring.’

Many shared their annoyance on Reddit.

“I’m so f***ing SICK of that pose,” one wrote.

“Isnt she bored of doing this. We have seen these like 5 million times. BORING,” commented another.

“She’s so overwhelmingly boring these days,” said a third.



“OH LOOK! It’s that stupid kissey face and peace sign for the 114236888888888 times,” another critic exclaimed.

“Girl we get it…..i’m so bored,” wrote a follower.

Kylie’s boob fondle is nothing new to fans.

The mom-of-two has repeatedly opted to grab her boobs as she showed off her stunning figure in a range of revealing outfits over the years.

In previous instances, fans have called her “Kylie ‘boob grab’ Jenner,” and called out her “Mandatory boob grab.”

One follower has theorized: “I’m honestly starting to wonder if she’s doing it on purpose as either an attempt at a signature pose or to just troll in general…”

Still, some have been left wondering why she frequently holds her right boob with her right hand.

“I feel like it’s a comfort thing or a habit at this point,” proposed one user on social media.

Another agreed: “It seems like something that’s habitual since she does it so much. But it doesn’t make it any less weird – she ruins good pH๏τo opportunities by doing this.”

“It’s very awkward,” wrote a third.

Others suggested that the pose is “her favorite thing in the world” and recalled other pH๏τos from the past where she had pulled the same mannerism.

PH๏τos going back as early as 2015 show the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum flaunting her signature boob grab.

Kim recently posted a video that shows off her SKKN products and her busty chest.

The video features Kim in her mᴀssive bathroom with her huge shower and bathtub behind her.

Her hair is blonde with dark roots, and she’s wearing a heather gray matching sports bra and hoodie. Even though the look is very casual, Kim’s face is still covered in glam.



The Kardashian starts the video by saying: “Okay, so I really wanted to talk about my vitamin C serum.

“One of the reasons why I really wanted to have a thin, liquidy vitamin C serum was because everything has to blend well under makeup. And I wanted all my products to be able to layer really well.”

The KUWTK alum goes on to explain why her product doesn’t turn brown like other vitamin C serums and why it “keeps its potency over time.”

She said: “So, I use it all over my face, my neck, my chest, my hands.”

As she said that line, Kim brought a lot of attention to her face and her chest, which was being pushed up by her sports bra.

The clip appears to be unedited, like most of the content on SKKN’s Instagram page.

The video was captioned: “Don’t sleep on vitamin C. Our Vitamin C8 Serum acts on both skin texture and complexion to visibly reduce the appearance of aging and dark spots.”

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